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Duck Blood Salad – ( Tiết Canh Vịt)


Tiết Canh Vịt – Chilled Duck Blood Pudding, with Stir Fried Offals. Topped with Thai Basil, Sawtooth Corriander, Rice Paddy Herb, and Toasted Peanuts.  Served with Crispy Rice Cracker for Dipping

The blood has to be very fresh so you will only get this at place that is killing it’s ducks on site.  When the duck is killed it’s blood is collected and mixed with rice wine, to prevent it from coagulating.  The offals are stir fried and than mixed with blood.  Everything is chilled to harden.  It may sound a little bizarre but this is a tasty dish.

Price: 50,000 to 80,000 (2.50$ to 4.00$)


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