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Aussie Christmas vs Vietnamese Christmas..are they similar?

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

Have you always had Turkey, Ham and Buche de Noel for Christmas? This festive season, be brave to refresh your taste with our Vietnamese Christmas menu. It has all the Christmas menu’s components of: Quail & Chicken instead of Turkey, Crispy pork instead of Ham, and fresh Prawn salad with Green papaya to replace the fresh...

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Game on! The 2018 Australian Open serves up another Grand Slam

by Site Manager @ Boutique Apartment Hotel Melbourne

15 January 2018 All eyes will be on Melbourne for the next two weeks as the city welcomes the world’s top tennis players to Melbourne for […]

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Hawker Boys ~ Twisted Bánh Mi

Hawker Boys ~ Twisted Bánh Mi

Hawker Boys

At Hawker Boys, we bring you a taste of our Vietnamese and Chinese heritage. We combine our home-grown passion for flavour with a modern twist, so you’ll get only authentically fresh, quality dishes. We’re excited to be introducing our new street food venture to Melbourne’s CBD.

Spring Cocktails You Should Try From Uncle

by admin @ Uncle Restaurants

Spring equals racing carnivals, sunshine (well, more so than winter at least) and a switch from mulled wine and whisky to glasses of rosé and cocktails. At Uncle, we make some pretty epic cocktails, cocktails that you won’t get anywhere else. I mean, where else in Melbourne can you get a cocktail with fish sauce..

Bistro Nguyens

Bistro Nguyens

Bistro Nguyens

Real Vietnamese in the city


by admin @ Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant » Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant

Sizzling Pork with Spicy Sauce - $17.00
Sizzling Beef with Spicy Sauce - $17.00
Sizzling Chicken with Spicy Sauce - $17.00
Sizzling Squid with Spicy Sauce - $20.00
Sizzling Combination with Spicy Sauce - $21.00
Sizzling Prawns with Spicy Sauce - $24.00
Sizzling Seafood with Spicy Sauce - $22.00
Sizzling Scallops with Spicy Sauce - $24.00

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Best Western Australian Beaches – A-Z Guide of Australia’s Finest Stretches of Sand

by Lara Dunston @ Grantourismo Travels

The best Western Australian beaches are the best Australian beaches. No argument. Western Australia is skirted by the country’s finest stretches of sand – pristine, squeaky soft, lapped by crystal clear water, and often empty. As far as we’re concerned the best Western Australian beaches...

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Review The Ninja Housewife

by admin @ Super Saigon

Super Saigon In TTDI Has Awesome Banh Mi, Meatballs, And Decor

CNY Menu 2018, Lai Ching Yuen, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

by summerkid_summergirl @ Malaysian Flavours

Celebrate sumptuous moments at Lai Ching Yuen, Grand Millennium Hotel KL this CNY as Chef Terence Foong presents some of the best, authentic Cantonese delicacies from their specially crafted CNY Menu.

10 Movies From Your Childhood That You’ve Completely Forgotten About

10 Movies From Your Childhood That You’ve Completely Forgotten About

by Millie Lester @ The A List | The Urban List

Once upon a time you actually had to leave the goddamn house just to have talking animals trot around your 20” Panasonic flat screen. Now that Blockbuster has gone A over T and you don’t even need to leave the couch to cast something from your phone onto the 70” curved-mirror-3D-smart-HD-interactive TV that takes up a whole wall in your bedroom, it’s easy to forget about the cheeky flix that first made you fall in the love with the silver screen.

So, here are 10 movies from your childhood that’ll have you hunting for your old Girlfriend magazines before you can say talking-cats-wearing-human-clothes.

The Adventures Of Milo & Otis


This absolute tear-jerker was the anthem of our childhood. The story revolves around an unlikely pair of friends—an orange tabby cat and a smol pug—who go on a series of adventures after the box Milo is playing in falls into a gushing stream. After a few close calls involving ten-foot mammals, the two are reunited with their animal lovers, because it was the 80s. Whatever you do, DO NOT Google how many kittens were killed in the making of this film.



This bad boy is a little closer to home. Filmed in Sydney, a little pupper called Muffin (BE STILL MY BEATING HEART) lives with his human family and rejects his sweet dessert name, insisting on referring to himself as Napoleon. It’s basically a coming-of-age story for Labradors and it’s the cutest bloody thing anyone has ever seen. Twelve stars.

The Indian In The Cupboard


This family fantasy drama film is a bit of stretch in terms of plot line but basically follows the narrative that a boy gets a cupboard as a sort of shit birthday prezzie from his brother and later discovers that if he puts toys in it, the cupboard brings them to life. It’s your classic Harry met Cupboard scenario. The fine line between fantasy and reality adds the main rift in the storyline as Omri tries to hide the full grown Native Indian from his dad. While there are many things wrong with this movie, it’ll slap you with a fair whack of nostalgia.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey


Basically in the nineties, there were no humans, which is why every protagonist was a golden retriever. It was a simpler time. Anyways, this little kid flick is no different. Narrated by a naughty American Bulldog called Chance (and voiced by Michael J. Fox), Homeward Bound is the story of learning to love the family you’re in, while also learning to swim and not drown in a river. A common plot point in nineties dog movies apparently. Moral of the story: don’t try and befriend a porcupine.



You probably have thought about Casper in the last decade, but have you really *thought* about it? This little computer-animated fantasy number was ahead of its time. Set in the town ‘Friendship’, two small boys are scared out of a mansion by a ghost called Casper and you know the rest. Casper falls in love with a chick on telly and hatches a plan to get her into his ghost dungeon and basically it was the soundtrack to many birthday sleepovers.

Fly Away Home


Released the following year was non-dog film, Fly Away Home. Loosely based on a true story, the film follows a young Anna Paquin, who recently lost her mother, as she finds a bunch of geese eggs, raises them to lil hatchlings and teaches them to follow planes. Classic. This feel-good sad-com probably wasn’t at the top of your Blockbuster pile but it definitely got a fair run in the VCR in its heyday.



If you don’t remember this classic, you didn’t live through the nineties. To refresh your memory - basically, the master and overlord of string dies and leaves his dilapidated old factory to his two sons. They are literally the most incapable human beings in the entire world and eventually the house is destroyed by a small rat. It’s kind of a painful movie to watch but it’s worth it for the #mems.



If, like me, the trailer to this movie gave you nightmares well into your teens, then you’re still a little frightened to hit it up on Youtube so I’ll give you a brief rundown. This early-nineties science fiction comedy is based on the old SNL sketches and features real-life aliens who are stranded on earth with MASSIVE heads. It’s literally what nightmares are made of and it’s probably not worth a re-watch but enjoy a few mental throwbacks before you put that back boy to bed for another two decades.

A Bug’s Life


Another animated classic that probably filled your fair share of afternoons is A Bug’s Life. This insect extravaganza is some tidy little subliminal messaging about standing up to your bullies and not dropping your lunch in the river. It’s also the most recent movie in this list and will probably trigger memories of the other bug movie released in the same year - Antz.

The Swan Princess


Speaking in pure bias, this is the only movie on the list that matters. If you weren’t shipping Odette and Derek from the ripe old age of three, then you don’t believe in true love. And if you weren’t mimicking Jean-Bob’s accent until your mum locked you in your bedroom and confiscated your Baby Born, then you weren’t living your best life. Bonus points for also having the soundtrack memorised and written on the inside of your year one maths book.

Looking to watch something a little more current? Here's everything you should be binge-watching this February.

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10 #Fitspo Health Nuts To Follow On Instagram RN

10 #Fitspo Health Nuts To Follow On Instagram RN

by Rosie Gregory @ The A List | The Urban List

If we're going to spend five hours a day on our phone, we might as well spend a couple of those stalking some #fitspo bosses and *trying* to get motivated. We're a bit over the photo-shopped, booty shots touting yet another brand of protein shaker, so this year, we’re all about following relatable, positive and uplifting peeps in our feeds.

From the resident big names to micro influencers changing up the online scene, here is our list of the top fitspo Instagram accounts to follow right now.  

Sarah’s Day

Handle: @sarahs_day Follow for: Pure Positivity, Holistic Fitness And Lols.

She’s YouTube's holistic health princess and with a devoted #sezzysquad of 360k following her every move on Insta, this lifestyle and fitness star will make you want to put down the chocolate and reach for a bliss ball. From her HIIT workout e-book to teaming up with The Health Lab to release her own range of protein balls, this is one fit chick on a mission to inspire—all while keeping up a wild sense of humour and refreshingly positive outlook. Always aiming to stay relatable and down to earth, she has also been documenting her struggles with hormonal health issues lately and we love her even more for it.


And this, my sissy’s... THIS is how I maintain my healthy diet. Sure I overeat and struggle with portion control every now and then, but I genuinely LOVE my diet and get excited over food. I hear so many people opening up about their struggles in sticking to their ‘diet’ or trying to eliminate junk food. I used to think that eating healthy just meant chicken, greens and brown rice ����‍♀️ #yawwwwnnn I eat a highly Paleo, plant-based diet which changes with the season and whatever produce is available. I love trying new veggies, fruits and salad combos to keep it fresh and exciting! Pretty much every ingredient here is classified as a superfood in its own right. Purple cabbage and cacao nibs are loaded with antioxidants which fight free radicals and promote cell regeneration. Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds will help bring a radiant glow to your skin and the salted caramel @loving_earth chocolate which is predominantly virgin cacao butter, an ingredient known to help prevent aging, skin issues and hair loss (I actually use raw cacao butter in the shower as a full body moisteriser ����) If you’re feeling demotivated or bored with your healthy diet, I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and try a brand new vegetable or fruit. Enjoying your meals and being excited about food is honestly the one major tip I could give you in terms of maintaining a healthy diet✨

A post shared by Sarah (@sarahs_day) on Jan 27, 2018 at 8:43pm PST

Want more? Here's the lazy person's guide to fitspo.

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Three Epic Uncle Collins Street Dishes You Must Try This Spring

by admin @ Uncle Restaurants

If you ignore the rampant hay fever-inducing pollen in the air and the random (but constant) moments of rain, Melbourne can be a pleasant city during spring. As the city wakes up from its winter hibernation, there is an urgent sense of freshness and joy awakening in the crisp air – much like your first..

Cheese Brie Sandwich

by Hayley Ryan @ Miss Viet

The key is to buy specific cuts for specific dishes and be firm with your butcher. Opt for tender cuts from the inner haunch muscle if you fancy steak and use neck fillet or shanks if slow cooking. And deer mince makes for a very good gamekeeper’s sandwiches. Wild salmon is a real treat and..

January is coolinary month!

by admin @ Madam Viet

During the month of August, enjoy 2-3 course lunch menus for $20 or less and 3 course dinner menus at $35 or less at over 50 award winning restaurants.

How to Find an Authentic Pho in Sydney

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

Today, you don’t have to pack your bags and travel all the way to Viet Nam just to satisfy your craving for pho. Vietnamese restaurants serving this mouth-watering dish can be found in different corners of the world, Australia included. However, over the last few years, restaurants have created their own versions of Pho. As...

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CNY Menu 2018, Tao InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

by summerkid_summergirl @ Malaysian Flavours

Tao, award-winning Chinese restaurant at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur celebrates CNY 2018 with Asian fusion Oriental feast, such as Mongolian Prawn and Ma Lat Chicken.

20 Things Only Parsley Haters Understand

20 Things Only Parsley Haters Understand

by Anna May @ The A List | The Urban List

Coriander haters are a privileged bunch.

Everyone understands, or at least sympathises with their detest for the food. They have their own Facebook group dedicated to their common hatred. But what about the rest of us that shudder at the mere thought of a rogue sprig of slutty parsley in our food, or worse, mouth? Where’s our political campaign to ban a piece of greenery? Not anywhere I can see right now from my comfortable spot on the couch, that’s for sure.

Sing it with me, fellow parsley haters. You know the tune.

Parsley is disgusting. It’s coriander’s bitchier, more hideous sister. She is often overlooked, but don’t let her fool you.

As a direct result, you strongly believe that ALL garnishes should be listed on menus.

Because you’ve lost count of the times when you’ve ordered a seemingly delicious dish and been met with a forest of parsley on top. Why didn’t you just sneeze on it, mate?

You’ve taken to telling people you’re allergic to it, just to ensure none of it ends up in or around your mouth.

Nothing upsets you more than biting into an innocent-looking salad and then realising those leaves were actually parsley.

And then you realise they’re all chopped up and thrown throughout your lunch because some selfish, careless hooligan went all Parsley Bae when making it.

Drunken kebabs are a minefield when it comes to the risk of tabbouleh.

“Why don’t you just pick it off?” BECAUSE I CAN STILL TASTE THE POISON, SUSAN.

The world understands, nay, sympathises with coriander haters. But parsley haters are met with confusion.

“What do you mean? It’s tasteless!” they will cry, speaking a language of the perpetually wrong.

“No, Grandma, it tastes like old grass, with notes of ruining my day”, you scream before storming out of the retirement home.

You’re considering adding “well-versed in the ability to tell flat-leaf parsley from coriander” on your CV.

You’ve reported at least five people on Instagram for posting otherwise delicious dishes that are topped with pars-*pauses to gag*-ley.

Speaking of which, you’ve seriously considered writing a strongly-worded letter to Woolies to inform them that a sprig of parsley on the steaks in their butcher counter doesn’t make them any more appealing.

Your Bumble profile specifically states that anyone who enjoys the P-Monster should immediately swipe left and then enter therapy.

You’re aware that there’s a Parsley Bay in Sydney. And you boycott it. For good reason.

People always tell you that chewing on parsley can freshen your breath.

But you tell them you’d rather smell like Hagrid’s toe cheese that chew on it like some commoner.

Green juices are mostly off limits. For many reasons, but mostly because parsley is green and it’s too much of a risk.

Remember Lurleen Lumpkin from The Simpsons? The country singer Homer manages? Whenever someone questions your hatred for parsley, think of her song, ‘No-one Understands You, But I Do’, and remember this article. Parsley haters unite.

Hate coriander too? Then, you'll love this

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Watch Logan (2017) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

by ttadmin @ Tho Tho Restaurant

WATCH NOW <a Hello href=””><img cheap nhl jerseys src=”” /> Quality : HDTitle : Logan<br cheap jerseys />Director : James Mangold.Writer : Release : 2017-03-01Language : English.Runtime : cheap nfl jerseys 135 min.Genre : Action, Drama, Science Fiction. Synopsis : Logan is Cheap Jerseys a movie genre Action, was released in March 1, 2017. James […]

What Your Favourite Summer Drink Says About You

What Your Favourite Summer Drink Says About You

by Millie Lester @ The A List | The Urban List

As Ghandi once said, Friday knockoffs are the window to the soul. It’s the perfect opportunity to size up a potential date or m8, because you can tell a lot about a person from what bev they choose to wrap their lips around in the warmer months. Something flat? Something bubbly? Something brewed? Something aged? Are they living at home? Do they have a successful career? Would they be comfortable sharing a bowl of beer battered chips? Have they done a murder? We can answer all of these important questions and more.

Don’t believe us? Read on.

Rosé In A Can

When people ask you what three things you’d take to a desert island, you’re the kind of person who says ‘a speedboat, a life jacket and a mobile phone’. You floss twice a day, you stay on the line to answer short customer support surveys and you take coffees back when they’re not made with skim milk. If your dog needed surgery, you’d take a day to first way up if the return on investment was worth it and you once sent a video of a cop car driving through a pedestrian crossing on your street to the Federal Police.

Aperol Spritz

You got back from your gahp yaah four years ago and everyone hates you now because you still can’t sit through dinner without bringing up all the huts you built and ‘theoretical’ lives you saved in 2014. You once took someone else’s dog home from the supermarket because you thought it was yours and you have ‘Not all those who wonder are lost’ tattooed on your collarbone and your friends are too scared to tell you it’s spelt wrong.


In Grade 3 you had the biggest Beanie Kids collection at your school, you once got a lifetime ban from Club Penguin for excessive swearing and you got your belly button pierced at sixteen after seeing Britney Spears’ music video ‘Lucky’. When you’re not calling Telstra to contest phone bills you definitely deserve, you’re either Googling ‘how to get abs in two weeks’ or vehemently defending Taylor Swift on Instagram.

Espresso Martini

You’ve been to court over rental bond disputes on more than three occasions, you once won $300 on Deal or No Deal and you insist on calling your parents by their first names in social situations. When you’re not at home watching Charmed and eating hummus and carrots, you’re misspelling your favourite beverage as ‘expresso martini’ in your Insta-story every Saturday night.

Craft Beer

You can’t tell the difference between a lager and a pale ale, but you once ordered a cappuccino at a Maccas drive-thru and you’re still getting shit for it from your friends. Behind closed doors you enjoy reading tennis players’ autobiographies, playing internet poker and doing ‘girls pushups’ in front of the hallway mirror while your mum’s at the supermarket. Technically your family doesn’t know you dropped out of uni in 2013, but you’re hedging your bets on it being a funny anecdote you’ll bring up at Christmas in fifteen years.

Frozen Margarita

Recently you entered into a new relationship but you’re considering ending it because you miss getting messages from strangers on Tinder. When you go on your annual week-long holiday to the Whitsundays with ‘the girls’, you leave your ragdoll Theresa six cans of cat food in a mixing bowl. Your biggest crime to date is regularly scanning avocados through as white seedless grapes at the Woolies self-checkout. You still haven’t realised that they’re triple the price per kilo.

A Shoey

You’ve had Mi Goreng and a piece of toast for dinner every night for the last four years. Two years ago you were on Today Tonight because you swapped all the welcome mats in your street. You currently hold the Asia-Pacific record for the most cans of Fanta drunk in one hour, you’ve had the chicken pox three times and technically you never received your pen license.

Maybe kombucha is more your thing? Here are some kombucha cocktails worth trying.

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CNY Menu 2018, Pak Loh Chiu Chow, Feast Village Starhill Gallery

by summerkid_summergirl @ Malaysian Flavours

Elevate your Chinese New Year dining experience with authentic Teochew Chinese cuisine at Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant at Feast Village, Starhill Gallery Bukit Bintang KL this year.

Melbourne’s Coolest Gift Delivery Services

Melbourne’s Coolest Gift Delivery Services

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

Brownie points. We’re all searching for them. Little gestures that stamp our names in the good books (and mean we won’t have to touch the vacuum for at least two weeks). Well good news, guys—we found a way to score the brownie points mother load. And the only finger you’ll need to lift is the muscular one that controls your mouse. Introducing Melbourne’s coolest gift delivery services.

Gift deliveries are appropriate for the following occasions: anniversaries, apologies, getting busted skipping ahead on Netflix seasons you promised to watch together, the birth of your first child, world peace, snoring too loudly, leaving tiny amounts of milk in the bottle and then putting it back in the fridge, or because you want a foot massage. Let's do this:

Hello Botanical

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned indoor plant, and that's where Hello Botanical comes in. Hello Botanical deliver for free Melbourne wide, and you can select from indoor plant hits such as the Monstera, Umbrella Tree, Variegated Jade, or String of Beans. It all turns up beautifully presented in a hessian pot holder. Ideal for the home, or even to brighten up that office space for someone.

As a special for Valentine's Day the Hello Botanical Team are offering $10 off their large plants. All you have to do is enter the code HELLOVALENTINE.


Manflowers’ tagline is “beer delivered to babe”, which pretty much sums up their business model. You get online and order a rotating bouquet of Australian craft beer (at the moment it’s four varieties of Sample), and Manflowers delivers it to your babe, who then drinks the beer and loves you for all time. The packaging is all class, and you can even attach a little message.

Daily Blooms

There are a bunch of flower delivery services in Melbourne (see what we did there?) but our pick is Daily Blooms. Owner and entrepreneur Courtney hits Melbourne’s finest flower markets early each morning, picking what’s in bloom, and then sculpts an original flower arrangement based on her daily finds. Flowers plus delivery will set you back $30, and you can check today’s arrangement each morning on Instagram.


The guys that took the stuffiness out of wine, Vinomofo are one of the fastest growing companies in Australia (they’ve actually just expanded into Singapore). Their ethos is pretty simple: delicious wine, zero wank, and cheap deliveries from some of Australia’s best vineyards to your mouth. There’s a range of prices and varieties, but the guys at ‘the ‘Fo’ only sell the wines they love, so you know you’re getting a curated selection. Love the attitude too.

Magnum & Queens

Another online wine merchant that’s popped up in the last few months. Magnum & Queens is run by top Melbourne sommelier Virginia Selleck, so you know they’re only stocking the good stuff. Each month they release a beautifully packaged selection under a new theme, boxed up and delivered to your nearest and dearest. You can order three, six or a mighty 12-bottle pack, and each wine comes with a handy cheat sheet, detailing any relevant tasting notes (if you’re lost, just say ‘oaky’) and a wine-based recipe.

Little Cupcakes

Gorgeous cupcakes with same day delivery? F*ck yes. Little Cupcakes do little cupcakes (go figure), and the flavour range is pretty impressive. You can order a simple selection, or pick out individual sweets like Belgian Chocolate, Cherry Ripe, Oreo and Dark Horse Coffee. Gluten intolerants can cheer up too—there’s a stodge-free range on offer, along with brownies and cookies if cupcakes aren’t really your jam. There’s even a couple of vegan flavours (think Black Velvet or Blueberry Pistachio).


Beauty sample boxes are all the rage at the moment, and Bellabox is probably the best of the bunch. You can sign up your partner for a monthly pamper pack that includes five or so beauty samples from various on-trend brands. If you like what you try, you can shop Bellabox’s online store and buy the real deal. You can tailor a plan to suit your giftee, and they’ll deliver the box wherever you want. It’ll sit you back just $17.95 a month, which is a steal when you consider the number of brownie points on offer.

Sorry Thanks I Love You

Says it all, doesn’t it? Whether you’re apologising for eating the last slice of cheesecake or expressing love through the medium of buying expensive stuff, Sorry Thanks I Love You has you covered. You can everything delivered through this thing. A selection of Bruny Island cheeses? Done. Smoked Tasmanian salmon? Sure thing. Gorgeous homewares, bespoke flower bouquets, craft beer—the sky’s the limit. The site helpfully arranges their gifts into different categories, depending on the power of your love, or the size or your f*ck up. Nice one.

Sweet Mickie

Love this idea. Delicious home-baked cinnamon and ginger cookies, covered in icing and stamped with any message you can think of. That’s the thinking behind Sweet Mickie, a tongue-in-cheek cookie delivery service based right here in Melbourne. You can order cookies with pre-prepared messages (‘Oral pleasure’ and ‘I f*cking love you’ caught our eye) or tailor your own cookie-message (you have to order 30+ cookies to get a custom quote, but hey, having too many cookies is low on the list of life’s Big Problems).


Socks and jocks have become a bit of a gag gift in recent years, but that's only because we didn't have Manrags. They're a premium socks and undies subscription service, and the only one that uses 100% Egyptian cotton. You can order a combo of socks and jocks, or just focus on the one (if, like us, your socks disappear regularly into some mysterious dimension beyond the regular boundaries of time and space). The colourful goods come packaged and delivered right to your man's door, and you can sign him up for month-by-month, 6-month or yearly packages. Nice.


A new bouquet delivery service that hooks you up direct with florists all over town. Apparently a lot of online flower sites just use stock photos and you don't really know what you're getting. Not these guys. Flowerfox also stock everything from $8 soaps and $25 succulents through to $100+ hampers and bouquets (you fancy fox, you). 


These guys have a motto: no more cellophane. Brewquet are an online beer delivery service that's trying to shake up the traditional 'gifting' industry (you know, the one that uses cellophane). The team handpicks some craft beers, throws in a pack of jerky or two, wraps the whole thing in a classy hessian bag, and delivers it straight to your loved one. You can even attach a cut note for that personal touch. 

Sweet Bouquets

Prepare to become an office legend. Just imagine how your significant other will react when a giant bouquet made from nothing but doughnuts arrives at their work? You'll go down in history as the greatest partner of all time. Sweet Bouquets can pick n' mix you a bespoke doughnut bouquet, or you can just sign up for a half dozen Nutella. Everyone loves Nutella, right?

Little Box Happiness 

Seasonal gift boxes full of happy products. That's kind of the thing at Little Box Of Happiness. There's a bunch of different themes and sizes to choose from, ranging from Bridesmaids packs to French drinking chocolate bath salts and organic basil seeds. All the things that make you go mmmm. 

Need some more inspo? (Or have a LOT of apologising to do?) You need our Ultimate Melbourne Gift Guide.

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How To Have A Golden Time At This Year’s Gaytimes

How To Have A Golden Time At This Year’s Gaytimes

by Stephen A Russell @ The A List | The Urban List

What better way to celebrate Australia’s long-overdue embracing of marriage equality than by escaping two hours north east of the city to the lush surrounds of Marysville’s Lake Mountain Alpine Resort for the third annual Gaytimes festival?

Taking the term ‘camp’ to the next level, the three days, two nights-long celebration of all things LGBTIQ encourages you to pack a tent, let it all hang out and sleep under the stars (or wuss out and opt for fancy pants glamping).

Organised by the team that brings you Melbourne’s monthly Closet party, the Gaytimes music line-up is unsurprisingly slick. New York producer and rapper Le1f, who slew with ‘Wut’, has never shied away from singing out loud and proud in a hip-hop scene that’s infamously homophobic.

He’ll be joined by homegrown legends including Sydneysider Alex the Astronaut, who came out spectacularly with track ‘Not Worth Hiding’, penned while she was on a soccer scholarship in New York.

Dapper ‘Free to Love’ singer Brendan Maclean raised more than a few eyebrows with his seriously NSFW video for Funbang1 single ‘House of Air’ (we dare you to check it out, prior warning given). He’ll no doubt bring his irreverent charms to Gaytimes.

With Bec Sandridge, Tigertown, Froyo and Ladyhood all on board, Sydney’s Stereogamus and US star Chrissy will be pushing house and disco beats that will see you through the eve in Gaytimes’ late-night club.

We’re also massively psyched for Brisbane-based rapper and trans woman of colour Miss Blanks.

Last year she told last year told i-D magazine, “For so long, women of colour, especially trans women of colour, have been seen as an inconvenience and for the first time in Australian music I get to be highly visible. I get to say what I wanna say.”

We can’t wait to hear her roar. And it’s not just the live music that will have Gaytimes rocking, there will also be self-love master classes run by sexperts (and cousins) Rural Ranga and burlesque queen Strawberry Siren, bringing their handy guide that won rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Speed dating, fortune telling and life drawing classes will also contribute to the gay abandon, and yoga session to limber up. Gay Stuff, the monthly LGBTIQ-made goodies marketplace usually held at Fitzroy institution Hares & Hyenas, will also decamp to Gaytimes for the weekend, so you can stock up on t-shirts, stylish homewares to pimp out your tent and add a bit of bling to your fierce festival look.

With the festival serious about welcoming folks from across the rainbow spectrum, there will also be a dedicated Transgentle space for gender diverse campers and their allies who just want to chill out. LGBT giving circle The Channel will have volunteer safety ambassadors on site all weekend to make sure everyone’s doing a-ok.

You won’t go hungry either with Taco Truck and Toasta on hand to feed the masses, washed down with Brunswick mob Wide Open Road’s coffee, or Coldstream cider and cold tinnies of Sample Brew beer. A volunteer-run breakfast bar Canteen will help raise funds for LGBTIQ charities.

There will also be a dedicated cocktail bar, Priscilla’s, serving up espresso martinis, Aperol spritz, peach Bellinis and blackberry sours because when in the country, queer folks need to stay suitably lubricated. Emergency Bloody Marys will be available for recovery sessions.

If you’re planning to drive home, safety campaign Vanessa will breath test happy campers as well as sponsoring the Gaytimes Shuttle Bus to get you to and from the fest if you’re minus wheels. But get in quick because final tickets, glamping tents and bus seats are flying out the door faster than a drag queen spurned.

Single and wondering what to do on Valentine's Day? Check out this anti-Valentine's Day singles party.

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Everything You Should Be Binge Watching This Month

Everything You Should Be Binge Watching This Month

by Ben Tyers @ The A List | The Urban List

We’re currently knee deep in awards seasons, but while everyone’s going mental for the latest film to hit the big screen, there’s plenty to watch on the small screen from the comfort of your couch as well. And the best part is, nobody is judging your snack choices at home.

February is going to be hot, so why bother sweating it out at the beach? Work your way back into that couch groove and get watching.

Here’s everything worth streaming this February.



Season 3

UnREAL is switching it up this season with a Bacheloret…….’Suitress’, so who knows what scandal will unfold.

Ash VS Evil Dead

Season 3

Bruce Campbell is back as he takes on the Evil Dead. Get ready for the usual amount of blood and guts here.


Season 3

What on earth is Mary Queen Of Scots up to this season? Keep an eye out for when she goes head to head with Queen Elizabeth.

Everything else worth catching:

Will & Grace Taxi Driver RuPaul's Drag Race | Season 3 Inside Llewyn Davis


Altered Carbon

Season 1

Based on a novel by Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon is about a prisoner who’s consciousness is brought back after laying dormant for 250 years to solve a murder. Some sharp looking sci-fi.

Seven Seconds

Season 1

Follows the story of the hit-and-run of a black teenager by a police offer and the following cover-up.

Ugly Delicious

Season 1

Momofuku owner—and noted Australian burger hater—David Chang travels the world eating weird and wonderful dishes.

Black Lightning

Season 1

A school principal leaves his life behind to return to a life of fighting crime in New Orleans. Interesting?

Coach Snoop

Season 1

Follows Snoop Dogg as he coaches a team of teenagers in the Snoop Youth Football League.

Other shows worth catching:

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction | Part 2 Everything Sucks! | Season 1 Damnation | Season 1 Queer Eye | Season 1 Riverdale | Season 2 The Joel McHale Show | Season 1

Image credit: Netflix

WEST END under new ownership

by admin @ Trang Vietnamese Restaurant – West End

From West End, I would like to invite you to come in and meet me, Maria. We welcome you to book online, order online and dine in our famous Hargrave Rd spot in West End. Warm up with a pho […]

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Melbourne’s First Rooftop Hotel—St. Jerome’s—Is Shutting Up Shop

Melbourne’s First Rooftop Hotel—St. Jerome’s—Is Shutting Up Shop

by Ben Tyers @ The A List | The Urban List

Sad news just across the desk, Melbourne’s OG rooftop glamping hotel St Jerome’s is shutting up shop in April.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 3 years and don’t know anything about this amazing hotel, here’s a rundown.

St Jerome’s – The Hotel opened up back in May 2015 on the roof of Melbourne Central—setting the scene for other rooftop hotels to follow their lead. The world-first concept has 21 excellent canvas bell tents which were filled to the brim with luxe items, including a double bed, air con, and even a stocked Esky for you to tear into on a perfect night.

The site also features a General Store that doubles as a bar exclusive to campers, as well an infrared sauna and 24-hour reception.

The last day the hotel will be taking bookings is April 25, 2018, so you better get in fast to get an experience you won’t forget.

Australia's first ever streetwear expo is coming to Melbourne, find out all about Ego Expo here.

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The Best Parks To Eat Cheese And Drink Wine At This Summer

The Best Parks To Eat Cheese And Drink Wine At This Summer

by Millie Lester @ The A List | The Urban List

Warning: VERY important list.

Now that sitting in an open-air field in Melbourne won’t give you pneumonia, it’s time to make use of its flora-rich spaces for some good old fashioned picnicking. Because when the weather isn’t putting on a tuneful medley of reasons to stay indoors (think Melbourne’s greatest hit single: ‘It Was 38 Degrees 5 Minutes Ago, Why Is It Hailing Now?’), the only thing to do is pull up a patch of grass, smear some Mersey Valley cheese on a piece of Baker’s Delight herbed focaccia and sip from a plastic cup of Oyster Bay Chardonnay.

So, here are the best parks to eat cheese and drink wine at this summer.

Town Hall Reserve

South Melbourne

If you’re more of a secret garden person than a ‘so packed people are literally laying picnic rugs on other people’ kinda person then the Town Hall Reserve is the place for you. This little patch of turf is just outside the South Melbourne Town Hall and it has just enough room for you, several wheels of cheese, an esky of wine and half a dozen of your closest friends and cheese platter accompaniments.

Edinburgh Gardens


If you’re an Offspring (the TV show) fan, you’re going to love settling into one of the Proudman’s favourite filming locations. It makes frequent appearances on national telly for one reason and one reason only—it’s a bloody good park. Edinburgh Gardens has a tonne of open space for little kiddies and adult kiddies to roam, as well as an abundance of prime picnic-blanket-laying lush grass. There’s also picnic tables, playgrounds and barbecue facilities if you like your camembert crumbed and fried.

Carlton Gardens


The Carlton Gardens are an absolute classic and you’ve no doubt sunken a few tinnies under its sprinklers in the past. This tidy little stretch of greenery is home to the Melbourne Museum AND the Royal Exhibition Centre, plus it has tennis courts! There are heaps of beautiful trees to park under as well as a stunning pond and infinite beautiful garden beds. Each picnic comes with a bonus life-affirming epiphany in this little park haven.

Heide Museum Of Modern Art, Sculpture Park


You probably haven’t heard of the Heide Museum which is the exact reason it needs to be near the top of your outdoor wine and cheese tasting list. This gorgey park isn’t only the perfect spot for a picnic but it’s also home to an art museum—bonza! You can trot around the grounds admiring some spectacular sculptures by Australian artists in between kilos of Brie and litres of savvy b.

Fawkner Park

South Yarra

This big ol’ park is so yuge you could picnic there every day and lay your rug down in a brand new spot each time. Fawkner Park is filled with activewear and #fitspo galore gals and boys, this park may make you feel a little guilty for shovelling all those cheesy carbs, but the shade-bearing oaks make for the best picnic spots. There are barbecue facilities available as well as complimentary games of cricket and tennis to watch if you park yourself in the right location.

Women’s Peace Garden


Need an excuse to head west? Look no further than the adorable hidden Women’s Peace Garden in Kensington. This little beauty is framed in olive trees and colourful garden beds, not to mention it is literally set out in a peace sign. You can’t see it from the road, which means people on the road can’t see you because this little hot spot is completely secluded.

Werribee Park


If you head even further west you’ll hit Werribee Park, home to the glorious Werribee Mansion. This guy is often referred to as an ‘Australian pastoral empire’ and you can see why when you park yourself on a sweet patch within its ten outrageously beautiful hectares. This is truthfully perhaps the most spectacular park on the list, and as it’s only a thirty-minute drive from the city, it would be insane not to put it at the top of your cheese-nibbling wine-tasting summer list.

Need to know where to buy the best cheese in Melbourne? This list will help you out.

Image credit: Carlton Gardens | Visit Melbourne

5 minutes with…Christian Price

by Amy Biswas @ Red Spice Road

Christian is our brand spanking new General Manager. A man of charisma and flair, he brings a wealth of experience and delivers it with pizzazz. He has earned his stripes working the floor at the famous Nobu and Sake (to name a few). He joins us with a plethora of fresh ideas for the restaurant, […]

Melbourne’s Joie de Vivre

by Site Manager @ Boutique Apartment Hotel Melbourne

January 2018 One can sense a joy of Melburnians immersing themselves in local culture whether it be wining or dining or enjoying just being outdoors living […]

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What is Pho

by admin Ezyva @ I Love Pho

Become our VIP guest in 2 easy steps: First, enjoy 8 meals* and your 9th dish is FREE! (1st time) Loyalty Card FrontLoyalty Card Back Second, enjoy 8 meals* and your 9th dish is absolutely FREE! (2nd time) + VIP card. VIP card allows you to enjoy your glass of wine every time you dine with us. Ask for your Loyalty Card next time you visit us. See you soon.

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Happy Happy Hour

by Amy Biswas @ Red Spice QV

We are making the classic happy hour extra happy with our Happy Happy Hour! Join us from 5-7pm Monday to Friday and enjoy two hours of $5 bottled beer, $5 house wine, plus specially priced espresso and lychee martinis. Feeling a bit peckish? Well, how ’bout some Triple Happiness?! 2 bao + 1 beer for $10. An […]

Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes

by Hayley Ryan @ Miss Viet

The key is to buy specific cuts for specific dishes and be firm with your butcher. Opt for tender cuts from the inner haunch muscle if you fancy steak and use neck fillet or shanks if slow cooking. And deer mince makes for a very good gamekeeper’s sandwiches. Wild salmon is a real treat and..

The Laneway Community | Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2018

by Amy Biswas @ Red Spice Road

Join us in celebrating this Festival tradition! When: Sunday March 25th at 12pm Where: McKillop street – right outside Red Spice Road What: A community laneway feast, with matching wines How Much: $143 per person Bookings: Purchase your tickets here Nothing says community quite like our annual Laneway Lunch. A joyful culinary occasion that has […]

Victoria Street Richmond – Melbourne's Little Saigon and Phố Capital

Victoria Street Richmond – Melbourne's Little Saigon and Phố Capital

Grantourismo Travels

Victoria Street Richmond is Melbourne’s Little Saigon, an Asian eat street that's home to Vietnamese Australians and a must-do for foodies and phố lovers.

Another Bingo Rave Is Coming To Melbourne And This Time Boyzlife Is Coming Too!

Another Bingo Rave Is Coming To Melbourne And This Time Boyzlife Is Coming Too!

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

Yes, you read right Melbourne—another bingo rave night is coming, and this time they're bringing the Boyzlife boyz Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy to P-town! In case you missed the first Bongo's Bingo last year, we’re here to teach you what a bingo rave actually is. You’re probably picturing your nan right about now, but put that out of your mind, because poor nan probably wouldn’t enjoy this one.

The concept is pretty simple: it’s a bingo night slash rave. So you play bingo...while you rave to those sweet Boyzlife tunes. Or perhaps rave while you bingo. We’re not 100% sure. What we DO know is that the last shows in Australia sold out in under five minutes flat, so you’ll probably want to hover over that ‘Buy’ button like a vulture over a wildebeest when the tickets go on sale.

There’ll be rave intervals, dance-offs, cash prizes, non-cash prizes and a hell of a lot of bingo. Bongo’s hosts will preside over the game, calling out numbers, playing sing-a-long tunes, and generally getting into mischief. Food and booze will both be flowing with the show kicking off at 6:00pm. Basically, grandma’s bingo night down at the RSL this is NOT.

Tickets will be available online on Monday 5 February at 6pm, so you'd better bookmark this link and put a reminder in your calendar. You can get a taste of what you’re in for here


What: Bongo's Bingo Down Under When: Thursday 5 April Where: St Kilda Town Hall, 99A Carlisle Street, St Kilda

In the meantime, you might want to check out this ball pit party that's coming to Perth this year.

Image credit: Bongos Bingo UK

Whole Fish (Flounder or Salmon)

by admin @ Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant » Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant

Steam Fish with Ginger & Soya Sauce - $(M/P)
Fried Fish with Sweet & Sour Sauce - $(M/P)
Fish with Black Bean Sauce (Steamed or Fried) - $(M/P)
Fried Fish with Sambal Sauce - $(M/P)
Fried Fish with Salted and Pepper - $(M/P)

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Instastalkers Beware, Instagram Is Testing Screenshot Notifications

Instastalkers Beware, Instagram Is Testing Screenshot Notifications

by Simone Jovel @ The A List | The Urban List

If taking a screenshot of your (future) bae on Insta and flicking it out to the ol’ group chat is your idea of a hobby—listen the hell up.

In terrifying news to Instastalkers everywhere, Instagram is rolling out a screenshot notification function. Set to hit a select group of detectives users, your actions could soon send a cheeky FYI to the person you’re currently stalking the shit out of IRL.

Before you throw your phone out the window, it’s only affecting Instastories. And if you’re one of the lucky few affected, you’ll be shown a notification the next time you go to take a cheeky screenie for laters. And before you freak out even more, future bae won’t be sent an instant notification (yet), rather they’ll see your creepy ways in their view tab with a cute AF camera emoji next to it.

What even is the future of stalking in 2018? Well, this. Apparently.

Image credit: Selena Gomez Wolves Promo

The A-Z Of Awkwardly Responding To Valentine’s Day

The A-Z Of Awkwardly Responding To Valentine’s Day

by Hilary Simmons @ The A List | The Urban List

Valentine’s Day is probably one of the most awkward holidays in existence. If you’re single, it’s annoying. If you’re loved-up, it’s stressful. And if you’re someone who finds it hard to articulate their exact position on capitalist scams, rampant commercialism and exorbitantly overpriced floral arrangements – because while all that Valentine’s Day criticism is probably valid, flowers are nice, aren’t they?—it’s exhausting.

Whatever your position on Valentine’s Day, we’re here to help you respond awkwardly to it. Because life isn’t all roses, chocolates and sexually-suggestive cards. It’s also uncomfortable conversations, complicated relationships and insensitive f*#kwits.

Yes, we mean of both the male and female persuasion.

is for “Awkward together or awkward alone, I’m still awkward.” is for “I don’t have a bae, my baeloved is a baegel.” is for commitment-phobes, co-dependents and chocolate. Only one of these will never let you down. is for delicate dance of protocol for those in undefined relationships. Or divorce, always a great topic of conversation on Valentine’s Day. is for eligible. “I’m one of Australia’s most eligible bachelors or bachelorettes and Osher Gunsberg told me not to say any more at the present time.” is for forced laughter. “Hahahahaha, yep, forever alone”—*cries in the corner* is for “Good luck with focusing on every little thing that’s not perfect in your relationship today.” is for “Holiday created by Hallmark? Actually, no. Valentine’s Day has roots in an ancient Roman fertility festival called Lupercalia, which involved wine, nudity and slapping women with strips of goat hide drenched in sacrificial blood. Sexy, huh?” is insult to one’s dignity or “I don’t like you in that way.” is for Jabberwocky. Start to recite this nonsense poem by Lewis Carroll if you find yourself trapped in a conversation you don’t want to have. is for Kanye, the ultimate example of self-love. Tell people, “I’m taking my inner Kanye out for Valentine’s Day” and get yourself some tasty Uber Eats. is for ‘like’, the low-maintenance term for people in a relationship tiptoeing around that big four-letter word. Unfortunately, it looks pretty shit on a greeting card. is for messy. “My room, my weekends, my love life.” is for Netflix and kill the next person who asks about your relationship status. is for “Okay, cupid, you psycho.” is for putting up with intrusive questions and impossible pressure. Also pizza. Delicious pizza. is for quaffing wine. In response to, “What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” Works a treat for both single and coupled-up. is for roses. Not the flower, this song. Consider it your anthem if you’re single and apply it to a suitable ex. is for ship. If you’re not being ‘shipped’ with anyone right now, dedicate this day to your friendSHIPS and remind your mates you love them. is for “Tis a pity he’s/she’s a whore.” It’s a quote from a sixteenth-century play AND a song by David Bowie. is for untag, e.g., when the person you’re seeing tags you on Facebook but you’re not really comfortable taking your relationship public just yet. is for “Vomiting in my mouth a little bit listening to you talk incessantly about your bae.” is for “Will you accept this rose?” is for “X-tremely sorry but I have a date at the X-treme screen for a viewing of Jumanji.” is for “You’re not bad!” Repeat it to yourself or give it as a backhanded compliment to your lover on Valentine’s Day. is for zzzzzz aka pretending Valentine’s Day is over already.

If you're looking for the perfect date night for Valentine's Day, this list will help.

Image credit: Bruce Mars

Trangs Big Heart for Children in Vietnam

by admin @ Trang Vietnamese Restaurant – West End

Generosity from North Lakes Direct to Vietnam kids Charity Event for children in Vietnam was running in the Food Court in Westfield North Lakes in December 2016. Trang Restaurant had a food stall in North Lakes food court every day until January […]

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Priscilla Queen of the Desert Musical

by Site Manager @ Boutique Apartment Hotel Melbourne

Oscar winning Priscilla Queen of the Desert movie hits the stage in Melbourne in January for a night of grooving, outrageous costumes and colour…lots of colour. […]

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TOP10: Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Adelaide

TOP10: Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Adelaide

Best Restaurants of Australia

Vietnamese cuisine offers some of the best meals for a quick, healthy fill and Adelaide’s offerings are up there with the best of ‘em. Whether you’re looking for a family dining experience or a snack on the run, these are our picks for the top Vietnamese restaurants in Adelaide.

What Noodle is it?

by admin @ Trang Vietnamese Restaurant – West End

Types of Asian Noodles  Ever wanted a decent explanation on Asian Noodles and which is which? Not sure what to pick? We compiled a list of the most known noodles used in Trang Restaurant’s – Asian cooking – and would like to share […]

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The health benefits of Vietnamese food

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

Australia has exploded lately in a health and gourmet food craze. Fuelled by Tv shows like Masterchef, MKR and The Biggest Loser. Aussies are now learning to eat healthier foods and enjoy them.What most don’t know however is that there is already a succulent and healthy option for lunch and dinner in restaurants all over...

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by admin @ Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant » Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant

Pork with Szechuan Sauce - $17.00
Beef with Szechuan Sauce - $17.00
Chicken with Szechuan Sauce - $17.00
Squid with Szechuan Sauce - $20.00
Combination with Szechuan Sauce - $21.00
Prawns with Szechuan Sauce - $24.00
Seafood with Szechuan Sauce - $22.00
Scallops with Szechuan Sauce - $24.00

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Become a VIP

by ilovepho @ I Love Pho

Become our VIP guest in 2 easy steps: First, enjoy 8 meals* and your 9th dish is FREE! (1st time) Loyalty Card FrontLoyalty Card Back Second, enjoy 8 meals* and your 9th dish is absolutely FREE! (2nd time) + VIP card. VIP card allows you to enjoy your glass of wine every time you dine with us. Ask for your Loyalty Card next time you visit us. See you soon.

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Review by The Malaysian Foodie

by admin @ Super Saigon

Super Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine @ TTDI: The Pork Free Vietnamese Food

Review by The Yum List

by admin @ Super Saigon

Super Saigon Pho Cafe, Vietnamese Restaurant, TTDI

The MSO Are Chucking A Massive Studio Ghibli Performance

The MSO Are Chucking A Massive Studio Ghibli Performance

by Gen Phelan @ The A List | The Urban List

Good news, guys! Melbourne has a new concert gracing its Hamer Hall stage this April, courtesy of the MSO. It’s a little reminiscent of our fave 2002 anime flick, Spirited Away. Just not in the people-turning-into-pigs sense. (Damn).

Instead, scenes from this movie and other Studio Ghibli classics will spill onto a mahoossive screen. Against this backdrop, master composer Joe Hisaishi is going to corral the MSO into auditory glory. Think of the beats behind Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro and you'll know what to expect.

As long-term BFFs, Hisaishi and Ghibli legend Hayao Miyazaki have an impressive history of movie-music collaboration—over thirty years’ worth. But hey, who’s counting. They're officially our second favourite kind of m&m.

Melbourne has been chosen for the debut performance of this concert (outside Japanese borders). Cue general cooing and smugness directed at Sydney. Consul-General of Japan, Kazuyoshi Matsunaga, even said he was honoured Melb’s world-class orchestra had been chosen for this gig of gigs.  

"These performances will be the perfect way to showcase Japanese culture here in Victoria. The works of Studio Ghibli and Mr Hisaishi’s iconic scores are already known and loved throughout Australia, and I know this will be a highlight of Melbourne’s cultural calendar this autumn," said Mr Matsunaga.

You’ll be chanting encooore until that curtain levitates just one more time.


What: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Presents: Joe Hisaishi Symphonic Concert, Music from the Studio Ghibli Films of Hayao Miyazaki When: Friday 27 and Saturday 28 April at 7.30pm Where: Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne For more info (and to book), click here.

Heads up: we just found Victoria's best little-known foodie destination

Image credit: Studio Ghibli 

5 mins with…Marty Stojaspal (our loveable Head Chef)

by Amy Biswas @ Red Spice QV

Marty is our kind-hearted & hilarious Head Chef. We take some time to get to know Marty a little better – he is a fascinating man after all! 🙂 What inspired you to be a chef? Helping my granny bake. The Sunday lunches she cooked were so good that I just had to know how to […]

Lunar New Year 16 February- Year of the Dog

by Site Manager @ Boutique Apartment Hotel Melbourne

Lunar New Year celebrations kicks off on the 15th February for two weeks of celebrations and cultural festivities. Melbourne’s Chinatown will be a buzz with festivities, […]

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The Spice Girls Have Announced A World Tour!

The Spice Girls Have Announced A World Tour!

by Urban List Writers @ The A List | The Urban List

We’re getting what we want, what we really really want. When we heard the worldwide phenomenon that is The Spice Girls was getting back together we couldn’t contain our excitement, and you can only imagine the full-on frenzy following the announcement by TMZ of a world tour.

Yes, you read that correctly, they’ll be spicing up our lives—IN PERSON. Though still in the planning stages, we can rest assured knowing all members are fully committed to a tour going ahead—let's just hope they put Down Under on their list of places to visit!


Love my girls!!! So many kisses!!! X Exciting x #friendshipneverends #girlpower

A post shared by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on Feb 2, 2018 at 8:27am PST

So what are you waiting for? Dust off the old platforms, whip out the crop tops, lollipops, U.K. flag attire, and scrunchies—Spice mania is officially taking over and we are not complaining.

Be sure to check back as we bring you all the latest and greatest on the tour. We are living in a spice world after all! 

In the meantime, relive the girl power for a minute or two. 

The Spice Girl reunion may not be the only thing making you feel old. Here are 29 things that will make you feel old AF. 

Best Bangkok Riverside Hotels on the Chao Phraya River

by Lara Dunston @ Grantourismo Travels

The best Bangkok riverside hotels range from one of Bangkok’s oldest hotels, the opulent Mandarin Oriental, to the city’s most luxurious retreat, The Siam, and everything in between, from waterfront resorts with swimming pools to sleek boutique hotels offering spectacular temple views. A stay at...

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There’s A Huge Ice Cream Festival In The Yarra Valley Next Week

There’s A Huge Ice Cream Festival In The Yarra Valley Next Week

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

We’ll take two scoops of the Hell Yes, please. The Chocolaterie’s annual Ice Cream Festival is launching next week (on Valentine’s Day) and it’s looking freaking delicious.

There are some things in life that are worth love handles, and this is one of them.

For 12 calorific days, the Yarra Valley & Great Ocean Rd Chocolateries will be pumping out a whopping 144 artisanal ice-cream flavours, hand-churned by expert chocolatiers.

They’re going to release 12 new flavours each day of the festival, and some of them are definitely NSFM (not safe for minors). We’re talking the Dark Horse (a malty combo of dark chocolate and Coopers stout) and the Gin & Tonic (literally G&T ice cream, served with a twist of orange).

There’s also plenty of ice cream that won’t blow you over 0.05. The Bush Tucker Cheesecake caught our eye (finger lime cheesecake with a strawberry gum And definitely get the kids sugar’d to hell on the Magical Unicorn (blue banana and pink bubblegum ice cream swirled with freckles and topped with unicorn dust, made from 30% hand-ground unicorns).

Need a kicker? This year the Chocolaterie is releasing a range of handmade cones to compliment the ice cream selection. You can get milk, white or dark choc-dipped cones, rolled in stuff that’ll make your dentist cry. Think Oreo crumbs, freeze-dried strawberry dust or crushed honeycomb.

I scream, you scream etc.

The Details

What: The Chocolaterie Ice Cream Festival Where: Yarra Valley (35 Old Healesville Rd) and The Great Ocean Rd (Elkington Rd, Bellbrae) When: 14 – 25 February For more info, click here

Speaking of treats, we've found the ultimate Treat Yo' Self getaway

Image credit: Yarra Valley Chocolaterie 

The 33 Best Cheap Eats Restaurants in Melbourne

The 33 Best Cheap Eats Restaurants in Melbourne


33 restaurants that won’t break the bank

Melbourne’s Third Burger Invitational Is Back This Weekend

Melbourne’s Third Burger Invitational Is Back This Weekend

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

It’s the question that keeps us up at night: who makes the best burger in Melbourne? We’ve actually recruited a professional burger eater to try and find out—but every year Melbourne’s burger scene evolves. New burgers emerge, old burger favourites bite the dust. It’s a never-ending quest.

But this weekend, Welcome To Thornbury are going to settle the issue once and for all. The annual Burger Invitational is back. And you’re all invited.

This is your chances to try burgers from Melbourne’s most famous burger bars. Guests can taste a little of everything, vote on their favourite stacks, and go in the draw to win a cool $300 Welcome To Thornbury voucher. (Think how many food truck burritos that could buy...)

The Burger Invitational battle will run over two days, and so far the line-up is looking pretty nuts. On Saturday you’ll taste the best from Betty’s Burgers, LA Burger, St. Burgs (we hope they bring their Doughnut Burger), Skipping Girl Takeaway and Benny Burger. On Sunday, you’ll get Leonard’s House of Love (represent), Burgertory, Gorilla Grill, Between 2 Buns and Betty’s Burgers.

Bonus: the guys from Bluebonnet BBQ will be slinging their famous ice-cream sandwiches across the two days. There will also be the usual range of craft beers and cocktails available from the bar.

So who will it be, Melbourne? Who’s cuisine reigns supreme? Only you can decide.

The Details

What: Melbourne Burger Invitational When: Saturday 10 February & Sunday 11 February For more info, click here

Hungry for more? Here are all the burgers you need to eat in Melbourne

Image credit: Gorilla Grill | Michelle Jarni

Ba'get: Vietnamese street food | Melbourne VIC

Ba'get: Vietnamese street food | Melbourne VIC

Ba'get: Vietnamese street food | Melbourne VIC

Ba'get is Melbourne's best Vietnamese street food and catering family business

Bill Murray Just Announced He’s Touring Australia This Year

Bill Murray Just Announced He’s Touring Australia This Year

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

Pinch us, because we might be dreaming. Bill Freaking Murray, AKA the greatest legend ever to grace God’s green earth, has just announced he’ll be touring Australia this November.

Yep, really.

The tour sounds pretty interesting actually. In classic Murray style he’s opted for something a bit stranger than a simple ‘Night With Bill Murray’ Q&A sesh. He’ll be touring with German-born classical cellist Jan Vogler, mixing Vogler’s classical music with readings from literary greats like Ernest Hemingway and Walt Whitman to create some sort of Murray-esque meta-performance.

There’ll be a small classical ensemble on stage, including Vogler’s wife, the famous violinist Mira Wang, plus pianist Vanessa Perez. The whole thing is being spruiked as a ‘spirited night of music and literature’. We might just die.

Want to get your greedy mitts on tickets? You and every other sentient being in Australia. There’s a pre-sale this Wednesday which kicks off at 9am SHARP. Tix will go on sale to the general public on Monday 19 February at 9am.

This probably goes without saying, but don’t play coy. These will sell out faster than your browser can refresh.

The Details

What: New Worlds, featuring Bill Murray & Jan Vogler When: Perth, November 7. Sydney, November 9 & 10. Wellington, November 14. Brisbane, November 16. Melbourne, November 17. To register for pre-sale tickets, head here. Cost: $99.90 - $249.90, depending on how close you get to Murray’s earthly essence.

Image credit: Caddyshack 

Super Saigon Sri Hartamas KL: Melbourne-style Pho, Vietnamese Food | Malaysian Flavours

Super Saigon Sri Hartamas KL: Melbourne-style Pho, Vietnamese Food | Malaysian Flavours

Malaysian Flavours

At Super Saigon TTDI and Jalan Sri Hartamas KL, makes your Vietnamese food indulgence more fun with Melbourne-style pho and dishes like bun cha, spring rolls, banh mi, coffee, etc,


by admin @ Madam Viet

The FlyCoffee are challenging YOU to go 30 days in June eating only foods grown, caught, or raised within a 200 ...


by admin @ Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant » Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant

Pork with Mongolian Sauce - $17.00
Beef with Mongolian Sauce - $17.00
Chicken with Mongolian Sauce - $17.00
Squids with Mongolian Sauce - $20.00
Combination with Mongolian Sauce - $21.00
Prawns with Mongolian Sauce - $24.00
Seafood with Mongolian Sauce - $22.00
Scallops with Mongolian Sauce - $24.00

The post Mongolian appeared first on Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant.

5 Awesome Things To Do In Melbourne This Week

5 Awesome Things To Do In Melbourne This Week

by Gen Phelan @ The A List | The Urban List

This week goes out to the lovas. For some, the idea of the ultimate V-Day is wining and dining with a dreamboat SO. And for the rest of us, nothing beats rounding up the gang and celebrating singledom over some good grub and grog. Whatever the verdict, we’ve got your Feb 14 plans covered.

If you blatantly refuse to embrace the occasion, there’s a bunch of other things to beef up the agenda this week. Ice-cream by the truckload? A Docklands-based event series? Yes pa-lease. It’s gonna be a big one.

Monday 12 February

Food For Thought At Arbory Afloat 

Our favourite floating bar is whipping up a funky cocktail shindig to raise awareness and funds for mental health. As if we needed another reason to go and have a few (okay 10) pomegranate G&Ts on the dock, they’re about to break down stigmas, serve up canapés and just generally kick all of the goals.

Where: Arbory Afloat, 1 Flinders Walk When: 6pm-9pm, Monday 12 February For more info, click here.

Wednesday 14 February 

The Ice Cream Festival

It’s back again. The Chocolaterie's annual Ice Cream Festival—or as some may know it, Christmas in February. There are over 144 artisanal different scoops set to kick your sugar cravings, from Chocolate Crackle to Match Chai. Even G&T ice-cream for us big kids. Get spooning.

Where: Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery - 35 Old Healesville Rd, Yarra Glen When: Wednesday 14 - Sunday 25 February For more info, click here.

Summer By the Dock

City of Melbourne knows how to summer. This week they’re throwing a series of sun-soaked, waterfront activities in the Docklands precinct to do the season justice. Four whole days of festivities are coming in red hot.

Where: Docklands waterfront precinct When: (Times vary) 14-15 & 21-22 February For more info, click here.


BAFTA-approved and Academy® Accredited, this short film fest has got it going on. The National Tour of Flickerfest is holding Melb’s screens hostage for two blockbuster nights, and we’re not mad about it. Popcorn at the ready, people.

Where: Palace Kino Cinemas, 45 Collins St When: From 7pm, 14-15 February For more info, click here.

Valentine's Day Done Your Way

Forget the foiled choccies. Drop the red roses. We’ve Melbourne’d the hell out of your Feb 14. There’s dumpling dating games, free pizza and a lotta pinot noir. You can lust over our definitive guide to the big day right here. Single, taken or it's complicated, there's something in here for every Hopeless Romantic.

Big bagel fan? Have a read of Melbourne’s crème de la crème of the hole-y feed here.

Image credit: Arbory Afloat 

Chili Con Carne Recipe – For Those Who Like Their Chili Hot and Smoky

by Terence Carter @ Grantourismo Travels

Our chili con carne recipe is a good old bowl of chili for those who like their chili hot and smoky. This recipe is not one of those quick weeknight one pot recipes. It’s a hearty chilli that takes a few hours – but not a...

The post Chili Con Carne Recipe – For Those Who Like Their Chili Hot and Smoky appeared first on Grantourismo Travels.

Red Spice Road

Red Spice Road

Red Spice Road

Award-winning South East Asian-style dining experience in the heart of Melbourne.

Australia’s First Streetwear Expo Is Coming To Melbourne

Australia’s First Streetwear Expo Is Coming To Melbourne

by Kate Bartels @ The A List | The Urban List

Calling all lovers of streetwear. If high fashion runways have you scratching your head or yawning, you’ll be thrilled to know Australia’s very first streetwear runway, Ego Expo, is coming to Melbourne.

On February 17 and 18, streetwear lovers can check out the designs of twelve labels like Diamond Kicks and AS colour, who'll be bringing their threads to the runway and showcasing the best of their season's collection. You can then buy the clothing through Brauz App, an app designed to help you shop online using geo-location technology. Nice.

The guys behind Ego Expo have teamed up with heaps of other awesome Melbourne groups to bring you an exclusive shopping-spree experience, live street art, street food, skateboard and basketball action. Even a few break dancers and hip-hop performances.

Bonus: the event will sponsor Beyond Blue, with founder Mel Yu telling us, “Ego Expo will also be the platform where we explore the culture of the streets and address all the underlying issues the streets face, including suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, anxiety and depression.” 

So let’s get this straight—awesome street clothes, delish food AND raising awareness for a good cause? Where do we sign?

The Details 

Where: Shed 14, Harbour Esplanade, Docklands When: Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 February For more info, click here.

Heads up: we just found the coolest General Store in Melbourne. (Trust us on this one.)

Image credit: Ego Expo

Red Spice QV

Red Spice QV

Red Spice QV

Modern Asian Food with Melburnian Attitude: A delicious new take on classic Asian dishes

South Melbourne Market’s Mussel And Jazz Festival Is Back Next Month

South Melbourne Market’s Mussel And Jazz Festival Is Back Next Month

by Ben Tyers @ The A List | The Urban List

Six tonnes of mussels. That’s what is promised at the fifth-annual Port Phillip Mussel & Jazz Festival.

If you’re not familiar with the annual 2-day mussel festival at South Melbourne Market, here’s a rundown. The event is designed to showcase mussels that have been harvested from Port Phillip Bay, along with live jazz performances from some of Australia’s best jazz musicians.

Expect food from the likes of South Melbourne Market’s own Claypots Evening Star, Köy, Paco y Lola, Simply Spanish, and Bambu along with some other great pop-up restaurants.

If you’re not keen on mussels (what’s wrong with you) there are plenty of other seafood options to choose from like oysters, prawns, bugs, and calamari from Aptus Seafood, or for something a bit extra go for the raclette poured over crunchy potatoes.

The event takes places on March 10 and 11, and entry is free.

The Details

What: Port Phillip Mussel & Jazz Festival When: March 10 & 11, 12pm until late Where: South Melbourne Market, corner Coventry & Cecil Streets, South Melbourne For more info head to

The Spice Girls have just announced a world tour, all of our dreams have come true. Read more about it here.

Image credit: supplied

Japanese Foot-Long Fries Just Landed In Australia

Japanese Foot-Long Fries Just Landed In Australia

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

ICYMI, Japanese food is trending so hard right now. The fact that said trend has delivered gooey cheese tarts, burnt miso ramen, soufflé pancakes and now foot-long fries, makes it one that we want to hang around for a little bit longer. 

Now, back to the foot-long fries that we need in our bellies right now. You can pick these bad boys up at Harajuku Gyoza and they're exactly what you’re picturing, these not-so-little sticks of goodness are created by sending potatoes through a Japanese-imported potato press before being thrown into the fryer. They’re then served with one of their seriously freaking great dipping sauces—think house-made shiitake mushroom and Katsuobushi salt or Japanese mayonnaise. They’re so golden that they kind of look like doughnut fries and honestly, we just need them in our bellies right now. 

And before you ask, yes, these are the same guys that brought Nutella gyoza, the raindrop cake and Japanese soufflé pancakes into our lives. AKA, they’re just legends, alright. 

In other news, this is what your favourite summer drink says about you. 

Image credit: Supplied

Holiday Opening Hours

by pd_admin @

West End Christmas Eve: 11:00am-10pm Christmas Day: Closed Boxing Day: 7:00am-10pm New Year’s Eve: 11:00am-10pm New Year’s Day: 7:00am-10pm Indooroopilly Christmas Eve: 9:30am-9:30pm Christmas Day: Closed Boxing Day: 9:30am-9:30pm New Year’s Eve: 9:30am-9:30pm New Year’s Day: 9:30am-9:30pm

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Chili Con Carne and Cheese Quesadillas Recipe

by Terence Carter @ Grantourismo Travels

This chili con carne and cheese quesadillas recipe could not be simpler. You’ve done all the hard work making the chili con carne and, hopefully, our red tomato salsa recipe. This is a great lunchtime recipe that is perfect for using that leftover chili con...

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Top 5 Vietnamese Restaurants in Melbourne you must try

Top 5 Vietnamese Restaurants in Melbourne you must try

Boutique Apartment Hotel Melbourne

10 August 2017 Melbourne is a melting pot of cultures that has made this city a gastronomic delight for locals and visitors. As more Australians travel […]

18 of the best Vietnamese outlets in Melbourne

18 of the best Vietnamese outlets in Melbourne

The Weekly Review

With Vietnamese food continuing to grow in popularity with Melbourne foodies, we've decided to share some of our favourites.

St Cloud | Vietnamese Eating House

St Cloud | Vietnamese Eating House

St Cloud

St. Cloud is located in the heart of Hawthorn with new & old-school Vietnamese techniques delivering honest, fresh Vietnamese food to the neighbourhood.

Sydney Summer 2017 – Special Menu

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

Enjoy an Authentic Vietnamese Fresh & Tasty & Healthy Cuisine.  

The post Sydney Summer 2017 – Special Menu appeared first on I Love Pho.

New App & Website for Trang

by admin @ Trang Vietnamese Restaurant – West End

West End Online You can download the iOS App in the iTunes store: You can download the Android App on the Google Play store:   Trang has developed a new online experience for our patrons. Our West End Store can now take orders […]

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Here's where to find Vietnam's best bowl of pho

Here's where to find Vietnam's best bowl of pho

Is there anywhere else in Southeast Asia that gives a traveler's tastebuds more to be excited about?

Meet Melbourne’s Richest, Most OTT Burger

Meet Melbourne’s Richest, Most OTT Burger

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

Want to know how the other half live? Specifically the half that puts expensive, ridiculously OTT, uber-rich stuff on their burgers? Take a gander at this monstrosity.

It’s called the Foie Gras Goldger (oof), and you can get it at any White Mojo cafe in Melbs. Remember, these are the guys who gave us the Croissant Burger, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to unconventional stacks.

But let’s break this bad boy down. Long story short: this is probably the richest thing you will ever put in your mouth. Every pound weighs approximately 10 pounds. The only thing missing are crushed up diamonds. It starts with two Wagyu patties, then a hefty slab of Foie Gras (if you know how to pronounce this properly, please DM us), then Avruga caviar, saffron aioli, a truffle oil snow, fresh tomato, onion rings, cheddar cheese aaaaaaand a 24K gold sesame seed bun. Jonathan Livingston Seagull...

If you want to say you’ve eaten Melbourne’s most ridiculous burger, get on down to White Mojo in Glen Waverley, Balwyn or the CBD. They’re all slinging this thing on the 16th Feb.

The Details

What: We don’t even know... Where: White Mojo Balwyn, CBD & Glen Waverley When: 16 February 2018 For more info, click here.

Did you hear? Thornbury's getting a new boutique cinema inside an old motor garage

Image credit: White Mojo 

Where To Find Vegan Ice Cream In Melbourne

Where To Find Vegan Ice Cream In Melbourne

by Marina Nazario @ The A List | The Urban List

Listen up vegan plant-lovers, we just upgraded your summer. No, not with Melbourne's best secret vegan menus or a dedicated vegan pub, but with dessert! Just because all your non-vegan friends are cooling off with ice cream, doesn’t mean you can’t either.

We understand your need for a creamy dessert, especially during those hot summer days, so we made a list of where to find vegan ice cream in Melbourne. You're bloody welcome. 

Ms Bean

Box Hill

Our homegirl, Ms Bean, is all about being vegan. So she opened a completely vegan dessert shop, devoid of all animal products. That’s commitment. Ms Bean uses a fancy Italian gelato machine to churn fresh vegan ice cream daily. So you can bet that sh*t is as creamy and delicious as the traditional stuff. If you don’t believe us, ask your non-vegan friends to do a blind taste test. 

Fritz Gelato

Various locations

Um, did you know that most vegan varieties are also gluten-free? So what would such a product look like, you ask? It'd look like the best damn gelato in Australia, duuuhhh. Fritz is known for getting wild and crazy with their flavours, and if you’re vegan, they’ll give you 37 flavours to choose from. THIRTY-SEVEN. Who knew? We have our eye on Tequila Sunrise.


Carlton & Windsor 

The crew at Pidapipo churn out some of the best damn ice cream in Melbourne, and there's no reason vegans can't join in the fun. Just stick to the sorbet range—it's 100% animal-friendly, and comes in tangy summer flavours like peach (nom) and watermelon (double nom). 


St Kilda

Why go to Italy for perfectly good gelato when you can just go to 7apples? The owner of this shop lived in Tuscany for a few years, learning all the tricks of the ice cream trade. After soaking up all that Italian knowledge, he opened up shop in St Kilda and brought us creamy artisan gelato, complete with vegan flavours so we can all indulge. That’s amore!  

Billy Van Creamy

Fitzroy North 

Yep, it's true. The guys from legendary food truck Billy Van Creamy just created a 100% vegan ice cream range, made from housemade cashew milk and organic coconut milk. The flavour range isn't as extensive as your cow varieties (yet), but damn do they taste good. 


Hawthorn & Collingwood

It's worth dropping into Piccolina every now and then to check on the vegan goodness. Most of their range does include dairy, but they usually have at least one or two plant-based flavours rotating through the mix. FIngers crossed they're churning the famous vegan, gluten-free chocolate brownie ice cream. That sh*t is the bomb. 

N2 Extreme Gelato


Our friends at N2 Extreme Gelato are seriously committed to surprising your taste buds. And they go to dangerously great lengths to do this—using liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream (yes, it’s safe to eat). It adds a nice bit of theatre to your vegan ice cream experience. The scientists at N2 change up their flavours every two weeks and always include one vegan offering. Get around it, science nerds. 

Ben & Jerry’s


Of course the OGs of ice cream do vegan! And they make four extremely Ben & Jerry flavours that have us frothing at the mouth, including peanut butter and cookies, caramel almond brittle, coffee caramel fudge and coconut seven layer bar. Winning! You can get these glorious vegan flavours in-store at their digs on Flinders lane, or just grab a pint from 7-Eleven and take it home with you while you binge watch Suits.

Mister Nice Guys

Ascot Vale

Our friends at Mister Nice Guys definitely live up to their name. They’re an all-inclusive bakery whose products are 100% egg-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, cochineal & gelatine-free, with soy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free and corn-free options. Phew. Love a good vegan bakery. But they also make the meanest vegan freakshakes around, with flavours like Chocolate Lochness, Salted Caramel Pretzelstein and Boo-Nana Split. Yum.

Girls & Boys


Obviously, Fitzroy has its fair share of vegan eats. And Girls and Boys is the place to go if you’re a vegan craving dessert, especially ice cream. And none of that sorbet crap either, we mean real, creamy, soft serve ice cream and gelato made for vegans. They make their ice cream and gelato with a blend of coconut and soy milk, sweetened with rice syrup. And then they go crazy with the flavours. Bless our souls.

Gelato Messina

Various locations

The ice cream at Messina may not be vegan, but the sorbets sure as hell are. Who needs white stuff that comes out of cows when you've got all-natural, plant-based flavours like salted coconut and mango salsa, blood orange, chocolate sorbet and pandan & coconut? 

In case you're dying from the heat, here are 20 life hacks to get you through the summer

Image credit: Billy Van Creamy

24 Geelong Brunch Dishes You Need To Try This Summer

24 Geelong Brunch Dishes You Need To Try This Summer

by Millie Lester @ The A List | The Urban List

Sometimes our readers like to *kindly* request we explore ‘happening’ food scenes a little further outside of the inner Metro Melbourne bubble. Well, how do you like us now?? We’ve fuelled up the car, popped a pack of Allen’s Strawberries & Cream in the glove box, and driven no less than 75 kilometres from the CBD to taste test the thriving metropolis of coastal Geelong.

And here are 24 brunch dishes worth leaving Fitzroy for this summer.

The Green Breaky with seed toast, kale pesto, wilted spinach, avocado & poached eggs & pepitas at the James Street Bakery. The Brekky Nasi Goreng with fried eggs, chilli, spring onions, peanuts & housemade nam jim from Go Cafe. The peanut butter waffle with peanut butter mousse, strawberry jam, salted peanuts, chocolate crumble & strawberries at Freckle Duck. The Benedict Trio with three golden muffins, three poached eggs & house-made hollandaise, topped with smoked salmon, spinach & champagne ham at Sailors’ Rest. The Bear Bowl with coconut oil, sauteed Asian greens, kale, purple cabbage, lemon, asparagus, chilli, free range fried egg, sesame seeds & pickled pink onion at Bear & Bean. The Okonomiyaki with Japanese-style savoury cabbage & vegetable pancake, topped with a fried egg, nori, pickled ginger, kewpie mayo, okonomiyaki & sriracha sauce from Down The Alley. Persian waffles with yoghurt cream, Turkish delight, pistachios, rosewater honey & fairy floss at A Spot For Joe. The Brekky Panini with ham, cheese, tomato & seeded may from Fuel: Coffee + Food. The vegan Choc Lamington Waffle with coconut, strawberry jam, chocolate sauce & raspberry sorbet from The Backyard. The Spring Vegetable Omelette with miso & bacon from Little Green Corner. The BBQ Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict at John Doe Speciality Coffee. The Spanish Baked Eggs with tomato concasse, roast capsicum, cannellini beans, onion & chorizo, served with Zeally Bay Sourdough at Black Cup Cafe. The Haloumi & Corn Fritters with avocado, yoghurt, dukkah & poached eggs at Chapel On Little Ryrie. The Matcha Vegan Waffle with fruit sorbet, strawberry compote, banana chips & pana chocolate at King Of The Castle Cafe. The Oreo Pancakes with whipped vanilla bean creme, dark chocolate biscuit, vanilla ice cream, warm fudge syrup & strawberry compote at 63 Degrees. The Cinnamon Crumpets with roasted pears, walnut granola, maple & mascarpone at Three Little Figs. The Brioche French Toast with seasonal poached fruit, mascarpone, maple syrup & roasted almonds at Two Sugars on Pako. The Warm Almond & Brown Rice Pudding with poached rhubarb, chia, sunflower crunch & Alpine Coconut Yoghurt from The Pickers Union. The Sri Lankan Eggs Benedict with two poached eggs on hoppers, ham, spinach & hollandaise sauce at Rook: Sri Lankan Fusion. The Spanish Churros with fresh berries & rich chocolate sauce at Wharf Shed Cafe. The Burrito Bowl with wild rice, sweetcorn & onion fritters, cucumber & tomato salad, seeds, raita & grilled lime at Sticks & Grace. The Eggs Benedict on potato rosti with bacon & hollandaise sauce at Eddy & Wills. The Ricotta Hotcakes with blackberry mascarpone, seeds, pistachio, berries & maple syrup at Winter’s Cafe. The Corn & Black Bean Fritters with avocado, tomato & radish salad, ricotta salata, mojo verde & poached eggs at House Iberia.

While you're down in Geelong you should check out Rone's latest work.

Image credit: A Spot For Joe


by admin @ Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant » Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant

Flaming Satay Pork - $17.00
Flaming Satay Beef - $17.00
Flaming Satay Chicken - $17.00
Flaming Satay Squids - $20.00
Flaming Satay Combination - $21.00
Flaming Satay Prawns - $24.00
Flaming Satay Seafood - $22.00
Flaming Satay Scallops - $24.00

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Melbourne Cinema Cancels ‘Deep Throat’ Screening After Backlash

Melbourne Cinema Cancels ‘Deep Throat’ Screening After Backlash

by VICE Staff @ VICE

Anti-pornography campaigners cited Linda Lovelace's claim that she was forced into the movie at gunpoint.

Easy Red Tomato Salsa Recipe – How to Make Homemade Spicy Tomato Salsa

by Terence Carter @ Grantourismo Travels

This easy red tomato salsa recipe is one I’ve been perfecting since we returned from our first big trip to Mexico and the USA way back when we first began travelling. It’s kicking off a series of our favourite Mexican comfort food recipes. We may...

The post Easy Red Tomato Salsa Recipe – How to Make Homemade Spicy Tomato Salsa appeared first on Grantourismo Travels.

Recipe: Roasted prawns with Cambodian tamarind + shallot sauce

by Amy Biswas @ Red Spice Road

What goes hand in hand with an Aussie Summer? Succulent and juicy prawns of course! Our Executive Chef, John McLeay, has been good to us and let us know a secret recipe for the perfect prawn dish with that special Red Spice twist. INGREDIENTS 12 large green prawns, peeled and deveined, tail and head left […]

Everything Glitter That You Need For Music Festivals

Everything Glitter That You Need For Music Festivals

by Marina Nazario @ The A List | The Urban List

As you may bloody well know, we're in the midst of festival season here in the great land of Oz. And we're well aware that it’s social suicide if you don’t rock up to an Aussie festival without looking like Tinkerbell threw up on you.

We love glitter and sparkle just as much as the next unicorn, mermaid or fairy princess, and we live for the excuse to wear it on a daily basis. So if you want to be seen from space, here’s every glitter item you need for festivals to help you shine from head to toe.

Sequin Bodycon Dress

Alright, ladies, we know you secretly want to be mermaids. Who wouldn’t want to have perfectly long, flowing hair that doesn’t seem to tangle while mysteriously being able to breathe underwater without gills? That’s what we thought. Lucky for you, we found a sequin, sparkly, mermaid-approved bodycon dress from Pretty Little Thing that’s perfect for festival season. Ain’t losing your friends in this flashy outfit!

Glitter Bass Speaker

Alright, you can’t technically wear this one, but it’s still part of the look. We know you want to keep the party going after the festival, so might as well keep with the theme and use the most shimmery speaker that you can shimmy to. (Too much?) Anyways, check out this glitter bass speaker from Cotton On. Go on, shake it like a salt shaker.

Frank Body Magic Shimmer Oil

Forget the Insta filter, Frank Body magic shimmer oil will make your skin shine bright like a diamond. Lather this stuff allllll over your body to get a better glow than J.Lo. PSA: Go easy on the free hugs. We know that festivals make you feel some type of way…but your glow could end up on someone else. AS IF.

I Scream Nail Polish

You can’t rock up to a festival without a proper manicure (even though it's bound to be ruined anyways). I Scream Nails polish offers heapppsss of different glittery, magical, sparkly, unicorn-like colours to paint on your nails for your next festival pass. If you’re anything like us, you’ll paint each nail a different, obnoxiously bright colour. Go big or go home.

Yippy Whippy Zig Earrings

Ladies, it’s alllll about the earrings. Like, we know this can make or break the festival outfit. Do yourself a favour and get these gold glitter acrylic earrings from Yippy Whippy to show off at your next bumpin' gig. Can you handle all that funkiness? Of course, you can.

Black Milk Bralet

It seems like no one wears bras nowadays (not that we’re complaining), but if it’s a teal sequin bralet from Black Milk that a mermaid might wear, then maybe make an exception. You’ll be doing a lot of jumping and dancing at festivals (if you’re not, check yourself), and this baby will keep the tatas in place. Pair it with some high waisted black denim shorts and this sparkling kimono and we’ll nominate you best dressed at the next festival.

Swell Water Bottle

You know as much as we do that it’s important to stay hydrated at festivals. So why not bring a glimmering, shimmering (running out of adjectives here!) gold Swell water bottle to match your dazzling outfit. Just, you know, EMPTY it before entering the festival or they might take it away. That would be an absolute tragedy.

Big Sequin Mini Skirt

We know, we know. Looking like a rainbow fish is the ultimate goal at a festival. We get you. So we found a mini skirt that will rival the bright coloured, cute little sea creature with this Missguided big sequin outfit. Pretty rad, amiright? Ugh, you are SO welcome.

Glitter Cat Eye Sunglasses

Sunnies are just as much of a statement as the earrings, and you want a pair of hater blockers that will turn heads and get you hella noticed. Fear not! We found these Dolls Kill glitter cat eye sunglasses that are fierce, fun, flirty, fantastic, fabulous and freakkkkyyyy. Mmmhhmm, throw us some shade. We’re too busy blockin’ out the haterzzz.

Dr Martens Boot

You don’t know annoying until your friend Amber is crying during The Jungle Giants set because her heels are too painful to wear. Ugh. Skip the sob sesh and just bloody wear Doc Martens. THEY HAVE A GLITTER COLLECTION. That’s right. Jump around, run around, be comfortable and enjoy looking like a unicorn ready for combat.

Rainbow Sequin Fanny Pack

You know what you’re really missing in your life? A rainbow sequin fanny pack that a Leprechaun would approve of. You need your hands-free during festivals so you can wave them around, do the Jersey Shore fist bump, raise the roof, all that good stuff. And a fanny pack is the way to go. Make this baby part of your insanely luminescent attire.

Feeling a little wanderlusty? Book a flight to one of these Insta-worthy destinations.

Image credit: Michael Benz 

20 Awesome Things To Do This Weekend In Melbourne

20 Awesome Things To Do This Weekend In Melbourne

by Marina Nazario @ The A List | The Urban List

Ready to blow off some steam this weekend? Us too. As always, there's A TON of events happening in Melbourne—most of which are either free or have something to do with music. So, like...pass the Champagne.

Prepare your liver, gather your mates and put on your dancing shoes. We found 17 awesome things to do this weekend in Melbourne.

All Weekend

Falsettos Chapel Off Chapel

Wanna see something really moving? Head to Chapel Off Chapel to catch a glimpse of the Tony award-winning Broadway show, Falsettos. StageArt is partnering with the Victorian Aids Council to tell the story of the life of a neurotic gay man named Marvin, his wife, his lover, his about-to-be-Bar-Mitzvahed son, their psychiatrist and the lesbians next door. Whoa, dude, that’s a lot to wrap our head around. 

Where: 12 Little Chapel Street, Prahran When: All weekend For more info, click here.

Movies Under The Stars

We’re all about outdoor movies and we’re all about free things (like, duh). Our friends at MIRVAC are hosting a weekend of “Movies Under The Stars” at Yara’s Edge. FOR FREE. Yasss. They’ll be playing movies from the big screen like The Greatest Showman, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and Ferdinand. It's just a short stroll from CBD, but if you’re feeling lazy, they’re offering FREE return ferry rides from Fed Square starting at 6pm. Pack a picnic and get there early. They’ll also be providing free bean bags to the first 100 moviegoers. Beat ya there!

Where: Point Park Crescent, Melbourne Docklands When: 6:30pm, Thursday 9 February - Saturday 11 February For more info, click here.

Vinomofo's Perfect Match 

Looking for some good value vino for Valentine's Day? The guys at Vinomofo have got you covered. They've put together a limited-edition case called 'The Perfect Match'—basically a combo of reds/ whites/ blends and everything else delicious. You get 12 bottles for $135 (RRP $320). The special is going live tomorrow, so check The 'Fo's website for all the details.

When: From Friday 9 February Where: Available online For more info, click here


Calling all wiener lovers! There’s a month-long salute to the sausage happening at Munich Brauhaus and The Bavarian from 5 February to 4 March! Their menus will be stacked with TWENTY different sausages, including beef, chilli and chocolate (um….), beef, Vegemite and cheese (getting worried…), a two-foot Bavarian wiener (yikes), and the ‘hottest sausage’ incorporating a mix of pork and habanero (pass the milk). They’ll also be hosting tons of specials, plus an eating competition for the meat lovers out there. Why don’t you check it out for yourself…

Where: Munich Brauhaus and The Bavarian When: All weekend For more info, click here.

Big Weekend Sustainable Living

Alright you Earth lovers, this one’s for you. As part of the National Sustainable Living Festival, Big Weekend is a huggeeee program featuring workshops, talks, and performances on the topic of—you guessed it—sustainability. They’ll be hosting over 100 events to challenge your eco-thinking. Go celebrate the planet this weekend. It's giving us life after all.

Where: Fed Square and Birrarung Marr When: All weekend For more info, click here.

Cobs Peninsula Film Festival

More free movies? What a weekend. Check out Australian filmmakers showcasing their work in front of a panel of judges, and watch them win money and awards (just like at Sundance). Yes, it’s free but soz, no BYO wine (darn it).

Where: Rosebud and Queenscliff When: Friday 9 February and Saturday 10 February For more info, click here.

Doggie Dress Up Nights

Dress up your pup and take them out for date night at Queen Victoria Cinemas this Friday and Saturday. They’ll be screening Red Dog 2 and A Dog’s Purpose, so ask your pup what they’d rather see. They’re also offering free pet photography over the two nights, so you can take the perfect pic with your pooch and frame it on your wall. And on Friday, they’re hosting singles mingle, so you can meet the next love of your life in the form of a dog. 

Where: Queen Victoria Market When: Friday 9 February and Saturday 10 February For more info, click here.

Waterfront Festival

Hop on the train to Frankston this weekend and celebrate summer at the annual Waterfront Festival. They’ll be throwing down two full days of food, rides, market stalls, a beer garden and live music. Plus fireworks on Saturday night! They’ll also be celebrating the 2018 Commonwealth Games, as local legends carry the Queen's Baton through Frankston on it’s way to Gold Coast. Pretty epic.

Where: Pier Promenade, Frankston Waterfront When: Saturday 10 February and Sunday 11 February For more info, click here.

Friday 9 February

Collins Place Design Market

We lovessss a good market, and lucky for us, the Collins Place Design Market is on this weekend. Sift your way through handmade treats and crafty gifts while trying not to spend your entire paycheck. (We know it’s not easy at these things). Can’t help it when it looks like Pinterest threw up on the place.

Where: Collins Place When: 10am - 6pm, Friday 9 February For more info, click here.

Saturday 10 February

Caulfield Racecourse Carnival 

Just when you thought 2018 couldn’t get any better: Caulfield Racecourse dishes out its line-up for C.F. Orr Stakes Family Day on Saturday 10 February. Chauffeuring in a line-up of rides, activities and family-friendly entertainment all day, you can expect superhero strength tests and fresh goodies from local favourite The Royale Brothers. Check out all the details here.

St Kilda Festival

If you haven’t had this in your diary for the past month, here’s your last reminder. ST KILDA FEST IS HAPPENING THIS WEEKEND. And you’ll get a chance to catch live music FOR FREE. Bless our souls. There will be 8 stages (including a kidz stage, what's up nuggets), over 60 bands and DJs sets, and 40,000 of your closest Aussie mates (yeah it’s going to be packed). Check out the full lineup here.

Where: Next to the Sea Baths, Jacks Blvd St Kilda When: Sunday 11 February For more info, click here.

The Classics at Stonnington

More Broadway! Head to Ardie Park to swing your hips to songs from classic Broadway shows like Hamilton, The Producers, Wicked, and Billy Elliott. This is an outdoor event in the park, hosted by theatre star Rob 'Millsy' Mills, so you know it’s going to be entertaining. Grab your mates and check it out!

Where: Ardrie Park, Malvern East When: 7:30pm, Saturday 10 February For more info, click here.

Yoga at Queen Vic Market

Nothing like a good Savasana to start your day. Melbourne-based wellness hub, Twosix Wellness, are encouraging healthy habits (drop the doughnut) with a FREE yoga sesh this Saturday morning. They've also curated a self-guided Market Wellness Trail to show you where to find all those gewd wholesome products at QVM. Spaces are limited so arrive early...and BYO mat. Namaste, friends.

Where: Queen Victoria Market When: 9am – 9:30am and 10am – 10:30am For more info, click here.

More Than A Mile Screening

What’s with all these FREE movie events this weekend?! We must have done something right. Drumroll please! This Saturday is the screening of Australia’s first beer mile doco. What does that mean exactly? We aren’t quite sure. We’ll make a far-flung assumption that it has something to do with one man, four beers and four laps around a track *shrugs shoulders* Whelp, in any case, it’s free (the first 40 RSVPs get seating plus a free beer) and you know it’s gonna be entertaining if it involves beer. Wouldn’t hurt to take a gander.   

Where: Temple Brewing Company When: 6pm, Saturday 10 February For more info, click here.

Sunday 11 February

Launchfest at The Hack Bar

You know that anything with the word “fest” in it is worth your time. March on over to Launchfest at the newly opened Hack Bar for a wild Sunday Funday. To celebrate its opening, they’re giving us live music by local blues musician, T.K. Reeve, and while keeping the drinks flowing with $16 jugs, plus Pimms and Espresso Martinis on tap. That’s dangerous.

Where: The Hack Bar, Port Melbourne When: 2pm-5pm, Sunday 11 February For more info, click here.

Piknic Electronik

Bob your head to some sick beatz at Sidney Myer Music Bowl this Sunday. It’s the second of nine events throughout February and March. This weekend will be kicking off with headliners Steve Rachmad, Deetron, Katie Drover and Scott Freedman. They’ll be throwing down rad dance music that will seriously increase your step count. Groovyyyy.

Where: Sidney Myer Music Bowl When: 2pm - 9pm, Sunday 11 February For more info, click here.

Suitcase Rummage

Eager to make a few quick bucks? Pack a suitcase full of stuff you don’t want and bring it to the Suitcase Rummage at Princes Walk. As another part of the Sustainable Living Festival, you can bargain, swap, or haggle for other peoples’ vintage, artwork, records, jewellery and bags. If you want to sell your things you gotta register here, otherwise it’s free to attend and it’s up to your bargaining skills to get the best price for that old Beatles record.

Where: Princes Walk When: 11am - 4pm, Sunday 11 February For more info, click here.

Oter Kitchen Takeover 

Here's one for you fancy foodies. You know Oter? The CBD's premier fine dining hot spot? Well it's hosting legendary chef hosting Sebastian Myers, fresh off his residency at Paris’ Fulgrance l’Adresse, for two days (11 Feb & 12 Feb). Sebastian is whipping up an exclusive, limited-edition a la carte menu. Swing by for a long lunch (12pm – 3pm) or a dinner sesh (from 5:30pm).

Where: Oter, 137 Flinders Ln When: 11 & 12 February For more info, click here

For The Diary

Irvin Yalom On The Meaning of Life

WTF is life? Actually, save the life-pondering questions for globally-renowned existential psychotherapist, Irvin Yalom. He’ll be speaking at the Melbourne Convention Centre next weekend as part of a School of Life special event. What's on the agenda? The greatest fears of humanity: isolation, meaninglessness, freedom and mortality (yikes). You’ll need to snag tickets to the event, so get them here before they sell out. 

Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre When: 12:00pm, Sunday 18 February 2018 For more info, click here.

GALentine's Day

Mates before dates? Celebrate being single this Valentine’s Day with wine, cheese and your best gal pals at The Lonely Hearts Club. They’ll be teaching you how to get date-fit (didn’t know this was a thing) and how to deal with being ghosted in the super choppy waters of dating. Whatever your status may be, come drink wine with girls and talk about how great it is to be single *hair flip*.

Where: Market Gallery, 205 Commercial Road, Prahran When: 6:30pm - 9:30pm, Wednesday 14 February For more info head to The Lonely Heart Club or Chapel Street Precinct website.

Did you hear? Real-life Mario Kart is coming to Melbourne! 

Image credit: St Kilda Festival


by admin @ Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant » Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant

Seasonal Vegetables with Garlic Sauce - $14.00
Belachan Spinach - $15.00
Steamed Mixed Vegetables - $14.00
Vegetables with Sweet & Sour - $14.00
Vegetable with Satay Sauce - $14.00
Steamed Beancurd Bokchoi with Soy Sauce - $15.00
Fried Bean Curd with Lemon Grass - $15.00
Fried Bean Curd with Szechuan Sauce - $15.00
Chinese Brocolli with Oyster Sauce - $15.00
Chinese Brocolli with Garlic - $15.00
Chinese Brocolli with Ginger - $15.00
Bok Choi & Snow Peas with Oyster Sauce - $16.00
Mixed Vegetables with Cashew Nuts - $16.00

The post Vegetarian appeared first on Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant.

Bangkok Riverside Renaissance – From the Village of Wild Plums to Venice of the East

by Lara Dunston @ Grantourismo Travels

A Bangkok riverside renaissance in the last six years has seen an abundance of new boutique hotels, restaurants, cafés, and bars sprouting along the banks of Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River, luring locals and expats as much as tourists to Thailand’s ‘River of Kings’. A Bangkok...

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Review by

by admin @ Super Saigon

CNY Menu 2018, Grand Imperial Sunway Velocity, Cheras KL

by summerkid_summergirl @ Malaysian Flavours

Grand Imperial 喜粤飲食集團 is a famous wedding dinner restaurant in KL, with outlets in Sunway Velocity, Bangsar, Hartamas, Pavilion Elite, Casa Klang, The 19 USJ Citymall and also London, United Kingdom.

An Aussie Island Is Throwing A Crayfish Festival

An Aussie Island Is Throwing A Crayfish Festival

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

Deep breaths team. We’ve just found the food festival of your dreams. This April, some of Australia’s best chefs (and foragers, we might add) are heading to Flinders Island. Where the heck is Flinders Island? Let us tell you. It’s a small island off the coast of Tasmania and if fresh seafood, native produce and a cheeky tipple sounds like your ideal weekend situation, you’ll want to buy tickets to this one right now.

Longsong chef, David Moyle has enlisted some of Australia’s best native chefs for the island’s inaugural Food and Crayfish Festival which will culminate in a beachside long table lunch on 14 April. We’re talking about James Vile (Biota), Mark LaBrooy (Three Blue Ducks), and Matt Stone and Jo Barrett (Oakridge Wines). They’ll even be showing up a week early to source the local ingredients personally. 

Oh, and by the looks of things, you’ll even be able to glamp on the island and yeah, this festival just got even more beautiful (we weren’t sure it was possible either). Also (yes, there’s more), because the islanders are just all ‘round great humans, they’ll be lending chairs from their own dining tables so you have somewhere to park it while you feast. 

There is literally nothing more Australian that heading to a secret beach on a lush island and scoffing shellfish all day long. You know it’s true. More details here

The Details

What: Flinders Island Food & Crayfish Festival When: 14 – 15 April Where: Flinders Island Cost: $240 pp

We also just found a luxe doggy high tea (we know).

Image credit: Michelle Tsang

This City of Oil Rigs Is Collapsing Into the Caspian Sea

This City of Oil Rigs Is Collapsing Into the Caspian Sea

by Julian Morgans @ VICE

"Oil Rocks" is a Soviet-era Atlantis, built from 300 kilometres of rusting bridges.


by admin @ Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant » Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant

Chicken Omelette - $19.00
Beef Omelette - $19.00
Combination Omelette - $22.00
Prawns Omelette - $25.00
Seafood Omelette - $25.00

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Why You Should Dine at Uncle on Grand Final Day 2017

by admin @ Uncle Restaurants

Heading out to dinner after the big game this weekend? Give the traditional pub a miss this year and head over to Uncle Collins Street for a Grand Final dinner with a twist. While there won’t be any meat pies and sausage rolls in the house, rest assured there’ll be sticky hot and sour chicken..

PSA: Vegan Camembert Exists And No, We’re Not Kidding

PSA: Vegan Camembert Exists And No, We’re Not Kidding

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

What is the number one thing people say when you tell them you’re vegan? Say it with me team: ohhhh, I could never give up cheese. Well, guys, now you don’t have to give up cheese because a couple of geniuses have gone and invented camembert that looks exactly like, well, camembert. 

We know vegan cheese isn’t really a new thing, but vegan cheese that’s genuinely good? Now that’s something worth talking about. It looks like this bad boy is only available in France but we still see this as a sign that the tides are a-changin’ and it’s really only a matter of time until this beauty is available in Australia. Right? Not only does Les Petits Veganne sell camembert (although, that’s clearly what we’re most amped for), they also boast an entire range complete with blue cheese, turmeric cheese, and a fresh garlic cheese too. 

What are you still doing here? You have a cheese board to make (and a flight to book). 

Meanwhile, these Japanese foot-long fries just landed as well. 

Image credit: Jez Timms

Prosperous CNY Dining at New World Petaling Jaya Hotel, PJ Newest Hotel

by summerkid_summergirl @ Malaysian Flavours

Celebrate indulgent moments at New World Petaling Jaya Hotel (*next to Paradigm Mall PJ) with a delightful spread of dishes, crafted by Executive Chef Alex Chong.

CNY Menu 2018, Luk Yu Tea House, Feast Village Starhill Gallery

by summerkid_summergirl @ Malaysian Flavours

Luk Yu Tea House 陸羽茶館 Feast Village Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur ushers in Chinese New Year 2018 with pork-free Chinese menu, priced at RM888nett.

The Un-Pho-Gettable Origins of Vietnams Signature Dish

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

Every country has a special dish that they can be really proud, of something that reflects their cultural roots, for Japan it’s Sushi, USA has burgers or Chicken Waffles, Australia has Lamingtons, Meat Pies and for Vietnam that dish is Pho. What’s great about good food is that it can be universally satisfying regardless of...

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All The Movies You Need To Watch Before Oscar Night

All The Movies You Need To Watch Before Oscar Night

by Pippa Knight @ The A List | The Urban List

It happens every year. The Oscar nom's come out and all of a sudden we're expert film buffs. The list of flicks to watch spirals out of control, and inevitably we don't watch them all before the big Red Carpet. But this year's gonna be different. This year we can all be winners with this comprehensive list of the movies you definitely need to see before the Oscars air on 4 March (mark it in your diary now). 

Get comfortable. We have trailers. 

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Plot in one Sentence: A grieving mother rents out three billboards to call attention to her daughter's unsolved murder.  

Nominated for: Best Picture, Actor in a Supporting Role: Woody Harrelson, Actress in a Leading Role: Frances McDormand, Writing (Original Screenplay): Martin McDonagh, Music (Orginal Score), Film Editing.

Why it’s so good: It’s not an uplifting film, but it’s got the performances and the dabbling of black comedy to stop you feeling quite so bad. Plus Frances McDormand. Now and for all time. 

Lady Bird

Plot in one sentence: A coming of age story about a girl’s turbulent relationship with her strong-willed mother during an eventful senior year of high school.  

Nominated for: Best Picture, Actress in a Leading Role: Saoirse Ronan, Actress in a Supporting Role: Laurie Matcalf, Best Director: Greta Gerwig, Writing (Original Screenplay): Greta Gerwig).

Why it’s so good: With two strong female characters as the lead roles, and the directorial debut of Greta Gerwig, the story is strengthened by great writing and a powerful central relationship. Look at the reviews. It’s hard to find a bad one.

The Shape of Water

Plot in one sentence: An other-worldly fairy tale about a woman and a ‘sea monster’ thing falling in love against the backdrop of the Cold War. There's a perfectly ordinary English sentence. 

Nominated for: Best Picture, Actor in a Supporting Role: Richard Jenkins, Actress in a Leading Role: Sally Hawkins, Actress in a Supporting Role: Octavia Spencer, Best Director: Guillermo del Toro, Writing (Original Screenplay): Guillermo del Toro and Vanessa Taylor, Music (Original Score), Cinematography, Film Editing, Costume Design, Production Design, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing.

Why it’s so good: On paper, this isn’t a story or a film that should work at all—and yet it does. It's engagingly romantic and incredibly special. With 13 nominations this year, it's a safe bet it'll be winning something

Get Out

Plot in one sentence: It’s a creepy thriller/horror that begins with a guy going to meet his girlfriend’s parents for the first time and turns into your ultimate nightmare.

Nominated for: Best Picture, Actor in a Leading Role: Daniel Kaluuya, Best Director: Jordan Peele, Writing (Original Screenplay): Jordan Peele.

Why it’s so good: It has changed people’s opinions of horror films as a genre. It came out almost a year ago and this movie still remains vividly in our minds. 

I, Tonya

Plot in one sentence: The dark yet comedic tale of figure skater Tonya Harding, and the lengths she would go to to win. 

Nominated for: Actress in a Leading Role: Margot Robbie, Actress in a Supporting Role: Allison Janney, Film Editing.

Why it’s so good: You may leave the film feeling a bit melancholy, but the black comedy will give you a giggle. Full marks for performances by Margot Robbie and Allison Janney. It's hard to believe this actually happened.

The Post

Plot in one sentence:  The relationship between the Publisher and Editor of the Washington Post as they intend to expose a massive cover-up of government secrets that spanned three decades.

Nominated for: Best Picture, Actress in a Leading Role: Meryl Streep.

Why it’s so good: It’s a fantastic story, made enthralling and consuming by an Oscar-winning cast of Steven Spielberg directing Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. If you've seen the film poster, you'd be forgiven for thinking the name of the movie is 'Streep Hanks'. 

Darkest Hour

Plot in one sentence: The story of Winston Churchill’s courage to lead against incredible odds that would change the course of history. No biggie. 

Nominated for: Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role: Gary Oldman, Cinematography, Costume Design, Production Design, Makeup and Hairstyling.

Why it’s so good: Gary Oldman gives a highly impressive performance of a multi-dimensional character, and it encompasses a film that will grip your attention until the very end. A proper WWII classic. 

Call Me By Your Name

Plot in one sentence:  An engaging and enthralling tale of first love. 

Nominated for: Best Picture, Actor in a Leading Role: Timothée Chalamet, Writing (Adapted Screenplay): James Ivory, Original Song.

Why it’s so good: This is the sort of movie you’ll find yourself thinking about for days to come. It'll leave a melancholy feeling in the pit of your stomach, but the acting is out of this world. 

Faces Places

Plot in one sentence: Agnus Varda and JR, the director of this documentary, explore rural France creating portraits of all the peoples they come across. Giant portraits. 

Nominated for: Documentary Feature.

Why it’s so good: Charming and powerful, this film is a delightfully arty road trip that's not quite like any other film/doco out there. It skilfully finds the extraordinary in the ordinary.


Plot in one sentence: Young Miguel dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. Coco is an adventure to find out about a family history, learning the values of life, death, family and culture.

Nominated for: Original Song, Animated Feature Film.

Why it’s so good: An exceedingly beautiful visual journey with a story that makes us feel all the feels. Limited to one animated film a year? Make it this one.

Blade Runner 2049

Plot in one sentence:  A futuristic tale uncovering a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what's left of society into turmoil. 

Nominated for: Cinematography, Production Design, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Visual Effects.

Why it’s so good: It's a chilling view of what’s yet to come, but those who are fans of the original are really going to gravitate to this story. For the others, it is a triumph in visual effects, music, direction and camerawork. 

Phantom Thread

Plot in one sentence: A dressmaker, at the centre of British fashion, finds himself swaying from his usual bachelor life for a new strong-willed muse and lover.

Nominated for: Best Picture, Actor in a Leading Role: Daniel Day-Lewis, Actress in a Supporting Role: Lesley Manville, Best Director: Paul Thomas Anderson, Music (Original Score), Costume Design.

Why it’s so good: Set in post-war 1950’s London, the costume design in this film is impeccable. It’s a film with beautiful attention to detail, breathtaking in many ways, that tells a story of undefended deep desires.

More of a doco person? We've got all the documentaries you should be watching right now over here

Image credit: The Shape Of Water 

Tasty Chinese New Year Specials

by Amy Biswas @ Red Spice QV

We’re celebrating the Year of the Dog with some traditional Chinese New Year dishes delivered with that Red Spice flair! Longevity noodles: egg noodles wok tossed with lap cheong, oyster mushrooms, shiitake, green onion – $27 Tea smoked duck with tamarind, plum sauce – $40 Slow cooked beef rib in Chu Hou sauce, shiitake, ginger […]

5 Awesome Things To Do In Melbourne This Week

5 Awesome Things To Do In Melbourne This Week

by Gen Phelan @ The A List | The Urban List

Now that Melb’s has had its mandatory mid-summer hissy fit, it’s time to get back to business. The call to action: dismiss the brollies, grab those togs, assemble your mates, deploy the bevs. We’ve got a lineup of free concerts for the musos, plant sales for the green thumbs, and prime destinations to watch (imbibe and pretend to understand what's going on) Superbowl showdown. Get ready to reclaim the sunshine season.

Here’s 5 awesome things to do this week in Melbourne.

Monday 5 February

Superbowl at the Waterside Hotel

It’s game time at the Waterside Hotel. We’re talking live and loud coverage of America’s favourite match of the year, ever-flowing booze and free half-time wings (!!). For more viewing hotspots check out this definitive Melbourne Super Bowl guide.

Where: 508 Flinders St When: From 9am, Monday 5 February For more info, click here.

Wednesday 7 February

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Free Concert Series

Move along, Coachella. The Sidney Myer Music Bowl is hosting a series of free concerts for all the classical cats out there. Bring a picnic blanket, get cosy and indulge in the string-centric score of this Summer.

Where: Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Kings Domain Gardens, Linlithgow Ave When: 7:30pm (Gates open at 4:30pm), Wednesday 7 February, Saturday 10 February, Wednesday 14 February For more info, click here.

Thursday 8 February

Cooking with Food Waste at the Queen Victoria Market

If you’ve just thrown out your fourth carton of milk for the New Year, the Queen Victoria Market’s Cooking with Food Waste demonstrations are your one-way ticket to ending a guilty conscience and getting the most bang for your weekly shopping buck.  

Where: The Queen Victoria Market, A Shed, Corner of Peel St and Victoria St When: 1pm-2pm, every Thursday, from 1 February-22 February For more info, click here.

HWKR Launch Party

A devilishly tasty lineup of Asian-style cuisine is in store as Melbourne’s CBD cuts the ribbon on our newest foodie haven: HWKR Food Centre. It's gonna change the foodie game in the city, and they're throwing the launch party open to the public! Cut the red ribbon and unbutton those jeans.

Where: Eq. Tower, Ground Floor, 137 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne When: 8pm-late, Thursday 8 February For more info, click here.

Friday 9 February 

Taco & Tequila Festival

Whatever you were gonna do on Friday night, cancel that sh*t. Preston's Food Truck Park is throwing a huge taco & tequila festival. Entry is free, puppies are welcome, and there may or may not be a mariachi band. 

Where: The Food Truck Park, 518 High St Preston When: From5pm, 9 - 11 February For more info, click here

Deep in a food coma? Claim the couch and make your way through these docos

Image credit: Polymu Photography 

Hot Pot

by admin @ Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant » Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant

Vegetables & Bean Curd with Vermiceli Hot Pot - $17.00
Fish Balls with Bean Curd and Vermicelli Hot Pot - $19.00
Fish and Bean Curd Hot Pot - $19.00
Seafood Combination with Bean Curd Wot Pot - $24.00
Prawns and Bean Curd Hot Pot - $24.00
Seafood with Lemon Grass & Chilli Hot Pot - $24.00
Vietnamese Pork Caseroll (Spicy) - $20.00
Vietnamese Fish Caseroll (Spicy) - $22.00
Vietnamese Sour Soup w. (Fish or Prawns) Med. - $40.00 Lrg. - $45.00

The post Hot Pot appeared first on Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant.

Why You Should Take Your Dad to Uncle This Father’s Day

by admin @ Uncle Restaurants

Mouth-watering Vietnamese dishes. Tasty beers. Cool beats. There’s nothing else the special man in your life ought to want – except for maybe a night off doing the dishes, perhaps. Both our restaurants are open for business on Father’s Day this year (September 3rd, in case you forgot the date) and best of all, we’re..

We are open during Easter Holiday

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

The post We are open during Easter Holiday appeared first on I Love Pho.

Thornbury’s Getting A Cinema In An Old 1920s Motor Garage

Thornbury’s Getting A Cinema In An Old 1920s Motor Garage

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

Man, have we ever written a more northside headline than that? Well, it’s true, guys. The news just broke this week that Thornbury Picture House will be opening in March.

What is Thornbury Picture House? It’s a new boutique cinema and bar that’s opening inside an old 1920 motor garage. It’s the latest project from independent cinema guru Gus Berger (the guy responsible for the 2013/14 George Revival Cinema in St Kilda—remember that one?)

Anyway, this one promises to be even more ambitious. We’re talking 57 seats, a big 6m screen, state-of-the-art Krix 5.1 sound system and loads of aesthetic touches scattered around the place. Stuff like old film canisters, classic Cuban film posters, 8mm and 35mm film cameras, set-lights and 16mm projectors.

The program is obviously a bit hush hush at the moment, but Gus says there’ll be a good mix of well-known faves, docos, late night cult films, kids’ classics and some more niche, local independent stuff.

The bar is being designed by Julian Beattie of Makestuff (AKA the brains behind Saving Grace, Uncle Joe’s Bar, Cure Bar). Expect the usual summery smash of G&Ts, craft beers and locally sourced wine. You’ll also be able to nibble on shared plates of calamari and antipasto from nearby Umberto Espresso Bar.

Watch this space. We’ll be covering the opening in more detail come March.

The Details

What: Thornbury Picture House Where: 802 High St Thornbury When: Bookings will be available from early March For more info, click here

Heads up—there's a secret rooftop foodie party in Melbourne this month. 

Image credit: Jake Hills 

Melbourne’s Best Bagels

Melbourne’s Best Bagels

by Ellen Seah @ The A List | The Urban List

If you’re afraid of carbs, cold cuts and/or cheese, look away now. Some of Melbourne’s best bagels are loaded with carbs and sandwiched between one of the most calorie-heavy bread options in the world. Needless to say, this isn’t diet-friendly food (but we don’t care). Here are Melbourne’s best bagels.

5 & Dime


A hop away from Southern Cross station, 5 & Dime cafe is a pint-sized bakery. Bagel varieties are plentiful, with most sold out by the end of the CBD lunch rush. Spreads vary from seasonal fruit to bacon maple chipotle, and pre-designed bagel combinations are available for those overwhelmed with hole-y choices. You can watch these chewy, dense breads as they’re handcrafted, boiled and baked in the glass-walled kitchen.     

Mile End Bagels


You could argue Melbourne’s demand for bread doesn’t have room for another bagel-specialised bakery, but owners Ben Vaughn and Michael Fee aren’t scared of a little competition. There are no shortcuts here: Mile End Bagels are baked in a wood-fired Canadian stonemason and boiled in honey water for a slightly sweeter aftertaste. We’ve got a hole-lotta love for the bacon, egg salad, butter lettuce and tomato combo. It’s like the childhood lunch we never had.

Glick’s Bakery

Balaclava, Bentleigh, Caulfield South & Malvern

Glick’s Bakery produces some of Melbourne’s best bagels, hands down, full-stop. Operating for over 40 years, their five locations (and persistent lines) are a testament to Melbourne’s love for these gloriously chewy goods. Prices will barely make a dent in your purse, but if you’re too lazy to gather bagel supplies, head to Five Points Cafe in the CBD for Glick’s Bakery bagels with ingredients like pulled pork, Asian slaw and tangy BBQ sauce.

Bowery To Williamsburg


If you’re in need of a hump day morning boost, make a beeline for Bowery To Williamsburg. Home to the inaugural haloumi bagel, with a fried egg, swiss chard and salsa verde, no one can have a bad day when it starts off this delicious. DIY bagels like pumpernickel and the “everything” bagel are also available, with a wide spread of schmear options.

Schmucks Bagels


Despite America’s borderline obsession with bagels, these circular baked goods are widely considered to have origins from a Jewish community in 17th century Poland. For traditional Polski bagels, head to Schmucks Bagels. The menu reads like a classic Melbourne cafe—with the addition of bagels (of course). Take the Avo Our Way, with smashed avo, lemon, picked red onion, capers and herbs. 

Brown Bagels


This small cafe has just two communal tables, but patrons don’t seem to mind come lunch hour. With lines stretching onto the pavement, Brown Bagels keeps their menu short ‘n sweet for a focus on takeaway. From the never-fail smoked salmon and chive cream cheese, to a classic BLT bagel, Brown Bagels is some hole-y takeaway. 

Huff Bagelry

Carnegie & Mentone

They keep it pretty simple at Huff Bagelry, and with stores in both Carnegie and Mentone, you're pretty well covered in the south east. With a massive range of house-made bagels, and tons of ingredients to throw on them, you'll never go wanting after a visit.

Brunswick is a micro cafe doing good things for the community, and it's brought to you by the team from Crêpes For Change. Get a load of their stuffed-to-the-brim bagels, which cop a schmear from a rotating selection.​

Round The Way


If you like your bagels with a side of good old-fashioned truck-stalking, Round The Way bagels is for you! This four-wheeled food truck dishes out some of the freshest New York-style bagels in Melbourne. Fillings are unapologetically rich, like their double trouble Czech 1-2 bagel burger (goodbye diet), served with Cevapi beef and lashings of American cheese. The permanent Round The Way cafe is located in Ballarat, when you’re inevitably addicted.

Want more bagels? Search our directory!

Image credit: 5 & Dime via Instagram

Review by

by admin @ Super Saigon

#GoodPhoYou: Super Saigon Brings Melbourne-Inspired Vietnamese Cuisine To KL!


by admin @ Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant » Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant

Combination Fried Rice S. - $11.00 L. - $12.00
Beef Fried Rice S. - $10.00 L. - $11.00
Chicken Fried Rice S. - $10.00 L. - $11.00
Vegetarian Fried Rice S. - $10.00 L. - $11.00
Prawns Fried Rice S. - $12.00 L. - $13.00
Seafood Fried Rice S - $13.00 L. - $14.00
Steam Rice S. - $4.00 L. - $5.00
Coconut Flavoured Rice S. - $5.00 L. - $6.00

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Here Are Melbourne’s Best Wood Fire Pizzerias

Here Are Melbourne’s Best Wood Fire Pizzerias

by Millie Lester @ The A List | The Urban List

If you’ve ever been on a ‘gahp yah’ to ‘Europa’, you know what it’s like to return home from Napoli, where you paid four euros for an authentic wood-fired pizza the size of a tractor wheel, and now have to pay $25 for a ‘deep dish’ meat lovers Dominos pizza. Admit it, you know the pain I’m talking about. Fortunately, Melbourne has a crazy good Italian food scene (as well as whispers of a crazy Italian mafia…), which means you don’t have to travel far for an authentic Napoli pizza. You will, however, typically have to fork out an alarming amount of money to do so. But you can’t win them all.

Here are Melbourne’s best wood-fired pizzerias.


Fitzroy North

Joining the ranks of some of Melbourne’s best pizzerias is Supermaxi in Fitzroy North. Owned by the OG chef and co-owner of Ladro, Rita Macali, this place serves wood-fired pizza that looks fresh off a pizza peel in Naples. While their cheesy slices are downright delicious, their menu also features some equally enticing homemade pasta which makes a visit to this simplistic and modern Italian restaurant an absolute must.


Brunswick East

One of three venue locations these days, Brunswick East’s local pizza institution is none other than Woodstock, which was one of the first to bust out the wood fire pizza oven in Australia. The family behind the name have not only been tossing bases in Melbourne since the nineties, but they’ve been mastering authentic wood-fired pizzas for three generations. Their bases use four different kinds of flours and very precise positions in the oven, which means there’s no way you can recreate bad boys of this calibre at home.



Looking for a little slice of Italian and not a deep pan Aussie pizza with bacon stuffed crusts? Then it’s time to hit up Carlton-based pizza institution, D.O.C. Here, pizza is the crown jewel of the menu. They have the thinnest and crispiest bases (but with the right amount of bend) and the freshest authentic Italian ingredients, plus a freaking mozzarella bar in-house that has an incredible selection of cheese that’ll put you into a dairy coma within minutes. The venue is usually packed and buzzing, because the secret’s well and truly out, so try popping down for a weekday lunch if possible.

400 Gradi


Just around the corner is another faultless Italian haven, 400 Gradi, which churns out some of the best wood-fired pizza in the entire city (you HAVE to try their margherita). Named after the former reigning monarch of Italy, this pizzeria has been cleaning up Melbourne pizza awards for years, in fact, it was once voted the world’s best pizza! With a focus on authentic Napoli-style pie, as well as its extensive menu of pasta and nibbles, 400 Gradi is literally the only excuse you’ll need to leave the house these days.

Shop 225

Pascoe Vale South

Lorenzo Tron and Roberto Davoli’s Pascoe Vale South pizzeria has a straight-up down-to-business vibe about it. They know pizzas, and they know how to make them damn well. When they first opened, Shop 225 didn’t even offer salads or pasta via the logic that it wasted precious stomach room (YES YES YES). While they do now have a selection of non-pizzas, don’t do it to yourself, not when it means digesting a smaller portion of their incredible pizzas. The fare is very much Neapolitan style with its thin and crunchy crust, plus they have gourmet toppings like truffle oil, stracciatella di bufala and artichokes. They even have a killer vegan and vegetarian selection so no one has to miss out.

SPQR Pizzeria


With a convenient CBD location, SPQR is the obvious choice for an authentic Italian lunch in the city. Leading the charge towards more authentic-styled pizzas in Melbourne is their enormous custom-built wood fire oven, converting ~basic~ Hawaiian pizza lovers to authentic margherita admirers each and every day. In fact, this bad boy can cook a pizza in under sixty seconds flat. They offer all the traditional toppings, like salumi, calabrese and margherita, but they also have a jazzed-up selection that includes the more gourmet variants. If you’re looking to spice up your life even further, there’s live music every Wednesday to Saturday evening.



Over on the East Side, Peel Street pizza parlour, Lazerpig, is stacking up to be one of our favourite all-rounder pizzerias of the age. It’s a casual diner with a killer atmosphere, plus incredible wood-fired pizzas (get your taste buds on the Queen Margherita ASAP) and deliiiish chargrilled meats that are sliced to order. You can also choose to enjoy a slice of pizza (or eleven) with one of Victoria’s best local craft beers. Helping yourself to a slice at Lazerpig is helping small local business, or at least that’s what you’ll tell yourself when you eat their four nights in a row.


Ascot Vale

Do yourself a favour and head out west-ish next time you have a hankering for wood-fired pizza. This Ascot Vale pizzeria offers truly authentic and traditional style pie (think: thin and crispy hand-stretched bases oozing with fresh napoli sauce), alongside yummy pasta and a crazy good wine list. Tick this one of the bucket list toot sweet, you won’t regret it.

+39 Pizzeria


The name of this pizzeria may ring a bell, mainly because it’s the OG creator of the Nutella donut (shiiiiiiit), but also because it dishes up some of the tastiest wood-fired pizza in the CBD. Boasting a long list of authentic pasta, desserts, cheese boards and Italian style cocktails (spritz, anyone?) there’s little wonder why the place is always so damn packed. The pizza bases are divinely thin, the toppings are fresh and flavoursome and even the service is authentic and friendly. Plus, they deliver. It’s a yes from me.

If you're not picky and love a pizza out of a gas-fired oven just the same, check out our full list of Melbourne's best pizza.

Image credit: Shop 225 | Jenna Fahey-White

Why Uncle Collins Street is the Best Spot to Enjoy a Spring Racing Tipple (or Two)

by admin @ Uncle Restaurants

Spring racing season in Melbourne comes with an electric buzz in the atmosphere, fine fashion and (fingers crossed) some excellent weather here and there. Naturally the best place to be when the races are on is at the racecourse itself but when you can’t be there (thanks boss), Uncle Collins Street is the next best..

Drop Everything: Lush Just Dropped A Bunch Of New Fragrances!

Drop Everything: Lush Just Dropped A Bunch Of New Fragrances!

by Catherine Blake @ The A List | The Urban List

Purveyors of soaps, bath bombs, and that sleepy-time lotion that became a viral sensation, Lush are in the business of pretty things that smell nice. In keeping with that mission statement, Lush are also master perfumers and have just released a slew of new fragrances. 

The new spritzables are available in a White Label Range and a Black Label Range, totaling 26 perfumes all up. Each scent is inspired by different art, experiences, emotions or memories of the perfumers and are designed to be gender neutral.  

Besides a reputation for good-smelling things, Lush is also one of the more ethical cosmetic companies in Australia and New Zealand, with all vegetarian, cruelty-free, handmade products cluttering up their shelves, and their perfume is no different. Made using pure essential oils and mixed in small batches in Sydney you can rest easy knowing your new scent isn’t a soulless potion.

Because mass-produced fragrances are usually made using solvents, you’ll generally find yourself forking out a packet in order to get a fragrance made with proper essential oils. But in Lush’s case, you can get yourself a premium bottle of fragrance made with bona fide essential oils for a super affordable price.

And in case you hadn’t noticed, this new release of fragrances has landed just in time for Valentine’s Day. Throw in a lip scrub and a long-stemmed rose and he/she’ll be yours for life.

Unfortunately, digital platforms do not lend themselves to sharing olfactory sensations, so you’re just going to have to trust us that this is worth checking out and make sure you linger at the tester bottle. If there’s any left by the time you get there…

All Lush scents are available all year round and via their online store

If you have NFI what this sleepy lotion commotion is, check it out. Your sleep life will thank you...

There’s An Anti-Valentine’s Day Singles Party On Next Week

There’s An Anti-Valentine’s Day Singles Party On Next Week

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

Staying home and watching Bridget Jones with a bottle of gin is tempting, but we have a better Valentine’s Day solution for singles. Presenting the Bumble Single Mingle at Hawker Hall.

This thing is basically a big middle finger to Hallmark. From 6:30pm next Wednesday, Hawker Hall on Chapel St is going to be turned into one giant cauldron of sizzling sexual potential. There’s going to be kissing booths, speed dating round robins, a photo-booth (with obligatory props), matchmaking experts and ‘Super Like’ drink cards.

And for tunes? Hawker Hall has booked DJ CC Babcock (great name), who’ll be making sweet musical love to your earbuds throughout the night.

Because the night is sponsored by Bumble, ladies get a free drink voucher and must use it to buy a potential suitor a drink (it’s all about making the first move). We’re not sure what the guys do in the meantime—probably stand next to whatever door canapés emerge from.

Here’s the cherry on top: your $45 ticket includes entry and food, and everyone goes in the draw to WIN a night for two at St Jerome’s in the CBD. Score.

The Details

Where: Hawker Hall, 98 Chapel St Windsor When: 6:30pm – Late, Wednesday 14 February For more info, click here. 

Did you hear? Kylie Jenner confirmed she is pregnant and we have a lot of feelings. 

Image credit: Matty Adame 

5 World Nutella Day Creations You Need To Eat In Melbourne Today

5 World Nutella Day Creations You Need To Eat In Melbourne Today

by James Shackell @ The A List | The Urban List

If you didn’t know (and why would you, really) today is World Nutella Day. The one arbitrary day of the year that we celebrate the sweet, spreadable goodness that is Nutella. AKA The God Condiment

You can celebrate Nutella Day however you want. Go down to the supermarket, buy a big tub and smear it all over your body. Bake Nutella brownies. Dilute with water and bathe in it. We don’t really mind. But there are a few Melbourne venues who are getting in on the hazelnut action. Here are 5 Nutella celebrations happening in Melbourne today.

Free ‘Nutella Creations’ At Brunetti


If you haven’t checked out Brunetti’s new CBD cafe yet, this is a good excuse. They’ve created a custom menu of Nutella treats to celebrate World Nutella Day, and they’re giving them all away for FREE (to the first 1000 customers). We’re talking pancakes (with Nutella), croissants (with Nutella), Boombe (with Nutella), even Nutella cannoli (shotgun those). The giveaway starts at 7:30am and runs until they’re out of stock (so probably, 8am). Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

Where: Brunetti, 250 Flinders Ln When: From 7:30am For more info, click here.

Nutella Gelato At Piccolina

Collingwood & Hawthorn

This one isn’t free, but it IS delicious. It’s Piccolina’s cult favourite, Better Than Nutella gelato. A gluten-free ice-cream made from roasted hazelnuts, chocolate and cocoa powder. You can get it today at either the Hawthorn store or the new Collingwood digs. If you drop by Collingwood, you can even get liquefied Better Than Nutella, which is constantly flowing from the chocolate tap behind the pozzetti bar.

Where: Piccolina Gelateria, Collingwood & Hawthorn When: Monday 5 February For more info, click here.

Nutella Doughnuts At Doughnut Time


Doughnut Time celebrates World Nutella Day like it’s a religious experience. Last year their Montella Jordan sold out in hours, and this year they’ve created something new—Tella She’s Dreaming. A Nutella-filled, chocolate glazed, Nutella drizzled, Nutella brownie, with red, white and black sprinkles, topped with gold leaf and a mini Nutella jar. This thing sounds like it should be illegal. You can get them in-store until EOD today. Check Doughnut time’s website for various locations.

Where: All Doughnut Time stores When: Monday 5 February For more info, click here.

Free Nutella Hot Cross Buns At Oasis Bakery


Three words: ‘brioche Nutella hot cross buns’. Two more words: ‘totally free’. Yep, that’s what’s happening at the famous Oasis Bakery in Murrumbeena today. The first 100 people through the door will get their hands on a fresh-baked brioche Nutella hot cross bun. These things sold like hot cakes last year (very like hot cakes really....exactly like hot cakes) so get in quick. Don’t stress though—if you miss out on a freebie you can still buy a pack to take home. Oasis are baking plenty.

Where: Oasis Bakery, 993 North Rd When: From 8am, Monday 5 February For more info, click here.

Nutella Martinis At Hu Tong


Hu Tong Prahran have taken a slightly different tack for World Nutella Day. They’ve decided to combine Nutella with booze to create a Nutella-tini. Basically, Nutella mixed with Frangelico, vodka and Baileys, complete with a hazelnut rim. Nutella for adults, essentially, and further proof that adding ‘tini’ to anything makes it at least 60% more delicious. The Nutella-tini is best enjoyed with a small plate of dumplings, and then several more plates of dumplings.

Where: Hu Tong, 62 Commerical Rd, Prahran When: Monday 5 February For more info, click here

Feel like some health after all that Nutella? You can get these Kombucha cocktails at the Garden State Hotel. 

Image credit: Hu Tong

Behind-the-Scenes at the Sunday Spice Table

by ATM @ Red Spice Road

On a cold, wintry Melbourne Sunday, we held a special event in our Private Dining Room to celebrate all that is communal dining. Our Head Chef, Dylan McCormack, was eager to provide a feast of smoked meats, BBQ skewers, whole fish, fruit platters and more – and so we held the Sunday Spice Table. Our […]

These shoes are made for walking…to buy new shoes

by Site Manager @ Boutique Apartment Hotel Melbourne

January 2018 What’s the one item left in the majority of hotel rooms here at Treasury on Collins for disposal?…empty shoe boxes. This made us conclude […]

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60 seconds wine down with Haries

by Site Manager @ Boutique Apartment Hotel Melbourne

January 2018 For most of you who have joined us at Afternoon Wine Down, you will know this familiar face when pouring you a glass or […]

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Viroths Hotel Siem Reap Named Best Hotel in the World

by Lara Dunston @ Grantourismo Travels

Viroths Hotel Siem Reap was named best hotel in the world this week by Trip Advisor users in the travel site’s annual Traveller’s Choice awards. Curious as to what makes it so special? Here’s the lowdown on Siem Reap’s most stylish boutique hotel. Viroths Hotel...

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8 Hacks For A Better Night’s Sleep

8 Hacks For A Better Night’s Sleep

by Georgia Jayne Young @ The A List | The Urban List

Oh how we love sleep. We would even go so far as to say there is literally nothing better than a great night’s sleep and nothing quite as terrible as a shitty night’s sleep. Waking up feeling refreshed and well rested is the absolute best way to start the day. Try adding these eight super simple sleep hacks into your bedtime routine and prepare to slay the day!

Limit Caffeine

This one’s pretty obvious, to be sure. We all know that drinking coffee right before bed is not conductive to a good night’s sleep, but did you know that you should be avoiding all forms of caffeine four - six hours before bed? Yup, that includes post-dinner special hot chocolates.

Have A Cuppa

We’re talking the herbal kind of cuppa, specifically camomile tea as when you drink this tea your body experiences an increase in the chemical glycine which is known to relax nerves and muscles, acting as a mild sedative. We are obsessing over the delish Lemon & Honey Camomile Tea with Manuka Leaf from Ti Ora, helping us off into a blissful slumber each and every night. 

Control Exposure To Light

So, we know you may be used to scrolling through the entire internet each night while lying in bed but, believe it or not, this is probably not helping you to get the best sleep ever. Try limiting your exposure to light leading up to sleep time and if you aren’t prepared to give up your nightly Insta-stalking regime, at least turn the brightness down on your phone.

Use A Sleeping Mask

Complete darkness is the ideal condition for a great sleep, so channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and find a stylish eye-mask to block out the world and sleep the night away.


We don’t know about you, but our lives are hectic af and sometimes we have approximately 127 thoughts flying around our minds the minute the lights go out. The best way that we’ve found to deal with this annoying phenomena? Write that shit down. You’ll be surprised how much emptier your brain feels.

Avoid Naps

Okay, so naps may be one of our absolute favourite pass time activities (what’s more luxurious than sleeping in the day time?!) but they are definitely not good news when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, sadly.

Take A Supplement

Magnesium is definitely our go-to supplement for a great night’s sleep as the mineral helps to relax muscles and ease nervous tension. We are loving Go Healthy’s Go Magnesium Sleep which has been formulated specifically to support a deep and relaxed sleep—yes please!

Sleep With Your Dog In Your Room

If all else fails, sleep with your dog in your room. Yup, you heard us right: a recent study has shown that people who sleep with their dogs in their room (but not their beds) have a better night’s sleep. We’re assuming that the participants’ dogs didn’t snore.

Want more? Here's how to become a morning person with these ten easy hacks!Image Credit: Breakfast At Tiffanys 

Thursday Summer Thirst Quenchers @ Red Spice Road Courtyard

by Amy Biswas @ Red Spice Road

From 5-6pm every Thursday from now until the end of Feb, join the crew in the courtyard and sip on a novel beverage of boozy goodness along with a matching summer canapé to whet your appetite. This is a free event, running from 5pm to 6pm. Online registrations are required. You can register for any of […]

White Night

by Site Manager @ Boutique Apartment Hotel Melbourne

For one non-stop night from 7pm- 7am, Melbourne will once again illuminate with art installations, projections on iconic buildings and hold interactive events. When: Saturday 17 […]

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Moonlight Cinema

by Site Manager @ Boutique Apartment Hotel Melbourne

Catch the latest movies under the stars at the Moonlight Cinemas at the Royal Botanical Gardens. Bring your own picnic or purchase food from the many […]

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Five Reasons Why You Should Make Uncle Collins Street Your Pre-Theatre Spot for Dinner

by admin @ Uncle Restaurants

We opened our Collins Street restaurant in February 2017 after achieving revolutionary success from our first branch on Carlisle Street St Kilda back in 2013. Same name, same familiar faces and dishes – but with some cool new twists including new dishes and cocktails. We do lunches, dinners and everything in between – but you..

Cheese Brie Sandwich

by admin @ Uncle Restaurants

The key is to buy specific cuts for specific dishes and be firm with your butcher. Opt for tender cuts from the inner haunch muscle if you fancy steak and use neck fillet or shanks if slow cooking. And deer mince makes for a very good gamekeeper’s sandwiches. Wild salmon is a real treat and..

Cooked It | How To Make The Perfect Goon Punch At Home

Cooked It | How To Make The Perfect Goon Punch At Home

by Ben Tyers @ The A List | The Urban List

Sometimes it can be hard to transform three litres of Coolabah Crisp Dry White into something that doesn’t taste like it could remove stubborn mould from bathroom grout. Unfortunately, if you’ve spent all your money on Falls tickets and parking fines like the rest of us, then you don’t really have a choice when it comes to wetting your whistle. You can, however, choose to make it taste less like bathroom cleaner.

Here’s how to make the best, most delicious Goon punch at home.


1 white Goon bag 2 bottles of mixed berry Passion Pop 1 bottle of vodka 2 tins of pineapple juice 1 bottle of mango juice 1 bottle of lemonade 1 mango, sliced and diced 1 punnet of raspberries 1 tin of passionfruit pulp


First, replace the pillows on your bed. If you’re drinking boxed wine then you probably have no idea that the shelf life of a run-of-the-mill polyester pillow is six months. So you’ve probably been sleeping on a bag of dead skin cells for three years. Pop to the shops to grab the all-important Gunch ingredients. Make sure there’s a bottle-o nearby as 80% of the ingredients will get you arrested at a Wiggles concert. Head home and slice the mango. Take the lids off all the cans and bottles. Break the seal on the Goon box. POUR EVERYTHING INTO A LARGE LAUNDRY BUCKET TO THE TUNE OF GIVE ME EVERYTHING TONIGHT BY PITBULL. Take a picture of it with a Kodak and Instagram it with the caption #tookmylifefromnegativetopositive.

Hungry for more? Check out all of our other rad recipes here.

Image credit: Isaac Smith

There’s Gonna Be A Love Actually Pop-Up Cinema On Valentine’s Day

There’s Gonna Be A Love Actually Pop-Up Cinema On Valentine’s Day

by Kate Bartels @ The A List | The Urban List

You may have noticed that Barefoot Cinema is back for another year, which means live music, good food, plentiful wine and movies on the grass at Rippon Lea Estate. 

It’s one of the best ways to spend a summer night, and this Valentine's Day they’re making it extra special. Because they're screening bloody Love Actually on the big screen. Cue hysteria. 

Not too far from the city and overlooking the bay, you can settle in with a picnic blanket, something delish from the food trucks and all the lovey-dovey feels. If you’re feeling fancy, treat yourself and Bae to the VIP experience— reclining seats, popcorn, a drink and your very own waiter. All while watching Hugh Grant dance around (the best part of Love Actually, you know it’s true).

Christmas flick? Valentine's Day flick? Who cares. it's a good movie and it's on next week.

The Details

Where: Rippon Lea Estate, 192 Hotham Street, Elsternwick When: Wednesday 14 February For more info, click here.

That's not all that happening this V day. In fact, there's a bucketload of stuff going on in Melbs. Check out our ultimate Valentine's Guide over here

Image credit: Love Actually

Horoscopes | Your Co(s)mic Week Ahead

Horoscopes | Your Co(s)mic Week Ahead

by Marina Nazario @ The A List | The Urban List

The universe is going absolutely apesh*t this week, and we don’t blame it. Did you happen to see that Super Blue Blood Moon last week? Yeah, it’s getting a lil weird up in here.

You may be feeling moody, romantic, energetic or all of the above. It’s all the Stars’ fault, so you just have to deal with it. Here’s what your horoscope has in store for you this week.


The first week of February has you feeling pretty cheeky, Aries, and you should WERK. IT. Use this attitude to your advantage and get shit done. Set up a Tinder date and don’t cancel, commit to a work deadline (for once) and feed your cat. You’re doing great, sweetie.


This is your week to embrace Rihanna's words and work, work, work, work, work. Get the point? Keep your eye on the prize and get shit done. Make that cash monnnaayyy.


You’re turning up the heat, Gems! Feeling a little saucy, are we? Ow, owww. Your focus is on romance and travel this week, so why don’t you plan a little trip with your lover and hit the road. Spice things up a bit, eh?


Feeling a little all over the place, Cancer? Aw, it’s all good. Just write out down your priorities for the week and take a little ‘me’ time. But don’t totallyyyy cut yourself off, we wanna hang out!  


The Cosmos think this is going to be a love-filled week for you. LUCKY YOU. If you’ve been thinking about taking your relationship to the next level, now’s the time to do it. So why not look into where to find some new lingerie and get freakyyy.  


Oi! Calm down, Virgo. What has your pants in a ruffle this week? Whatever it is, why don’t you put that angsty energy into something productive like taking a sweaty cycle class or telling Karen at work that her top looks nice (it’s okay to stretch the truth).  


Whoa, trim the sails! You’re feeling pretty on top of the world right now, Virgo! If you’re single, let your freak flag fly this Thursday and Friday night. If you’re in a relationship, maybe take date night to a new level *wink, wink*. This week is all about you doing you. We’ll try to keep up.  


The cosmos thinks you’ve been going out and having too much fun recently. Time to reel it in (their words, not ours). Enjoy a few nights in this week and catch up on Netflix. Although, we won’t stop you if can’t control this fun streak. Hey, maybe invite us out every once in a while, Scorp?


Ugh, Sag you’re caught in a routine and we know you’re squirming. The Stars think you should keep at it *sigh* (but we’re here for you if you wanna let loose). Knowing you, you’ll probably defy the Stars and break free of your day-to-day work. We’ll play the demon on your shoulder and support you.


In the words of this year’s Hottest 100 winner, Kendrick Lamar, money trees is the perfect place for shade. And you are balliiinnnn in the green stuff this week, Cap. The Cosmos don’t think you should make it rain but rather make some investments instead. (It’ll pay off in the long run.)


Your energy and charisma are at its peak this week so use it wisely. Put that ambition into achieving an important goal, like eating your way through your city's best chicken wings. Duh.


Roll up your sleeves and get shit done this week, Pieces. Soz to break it to you, but there’s no time for rest. You have deadlines to meet and Tinder dates to cancel. Take it as a positive that your boss is piling work on your desk. That means they like to think you’re really good at what you do. Grab a coffee and keep at it.

Image credit: Gabrielle Stjernqvist

Vietnamese restaurant Uncle opens a Melbourne CBD spin-off

Vietnamese restaurant Uncle opens a Melbourne CBD spin-off

Good Food

The men from Uncle have opened a second modern Vietnamese eatery at the top of Collins Street.

The Four Pillars Dinner

by Amy Biswas @ Red Spice Road

This event has sold out. Please call our reservations team on 03 9603 1601 or email us here to go on the waiting list. When: Wednesday February 28th from 6:30pm What: A four course banquet-style menu with matching Four Pillars cocktails How Much: $120 per person Bookings: This event has sold out. We join forces with […]

There’s A Secret Rosé Rooftop Party In Melbourne This Month

There’s A Secret Rosé Rooftop Party In Melbourne This Month

by Ben Tyers @ The A List | The Urban List

If you’ve spent a reasonable amount of time reading The Urban List, you’ll know we go absolutely wild for a secret party, and the team from Secret Foodies are the experts at throwing this kind of thing.

Their first event for 2018 is proving to be a beauty, with a secret Rosé rooftop party planned in Melbourne on Sunday 25 Feb.

The final location for the event is kept under wraps until 2-hours before the actual event, where guests will receive an SMS with details on where they’ll be heading.

What’s awaiting you, you ask? Well, upon arrival you’ll head upstairs to the sound of the resident DJ where you’ll be greeted by a massive grazing table featuring cheese, charcuterie, along with other perfect Rosé pairings. Following that there’ll be summery canapés created by their head chef circulating the venue all afternoon.

Attendees will also be amongst the first to try the new Days Of Rosé from South Australia. The perfect drop to finish off summer with.

To finish the night off there will be Rosé inspired gelato available by the on-site gelato cart.

Is there such a thing as too much Rosé? We think not.

For tickets head here.

The Details

What: Secret Rosé Rooftop Party by Secret Foodies When: Sunday 25 February Where: TBA For more info and tickets, head to

The Port Phillip Mussel & Jazz Festival is back on again this year, find out more here.

Image credit: supplied

NGV Triennial

by Site Manager @ Boutique Apartment Hotel Melbourne

Featuring the work of over 100 artists and designers from 32 countries, the NGV Triennial surveys the world of art and design, across cultures, scales, geographies […]

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Horoscopes | Your Co(s)mic Week Ahead

Horoscopes | Your Co(s)mic Week Ahead

by Gen Phelan @ The A List | The Urban List

Hey guys, this just in: following the Last Quarter Moon, the stars are pointing to a serious crisis of consciousness. Ga-reat. With V-Day just around the corner, the cosmos are plotting some total eclipses (of the heart). Wanna know what else is in store? We’ve got a few ideas...


Okay, Aries, enough is enough. It’s time to stop putting off that dentist appointment, and those Euro2k18 accom bookings, and that call you never returned from last month. Procrastination station, so long.


When an opportunity arises, a true Taurus grabs it by the horns. Take a stand, and kiss the spectating duties goodbye. It’s been too long—get your head back in the game.


You can’t be everyone’s everything, Gems. We get it, you’re only trying to help, but what’s ‘helping’ your nearest and dearest is inadvertently bringing you down. Throw a life jacket into the water instead of jumping right in. People treading water will only drag you down with them.  


Nothing seems to be holding your attention span for too long, and TBH, you’re acting kinda Crabby. It’s time to stop fighting the restlessness, Cancerians. Let your hair down. We know you want to.


Leos, put that pride aside. We get that this is no mean feat for you guys. But, if you’d just admit to the emotions that you’re so damn determined to suppress, a flood of relief will come your way.


They’re not worth your time, Virgo. We’re here to remind you that love is a two-way street, not a battlefield. Stop selling yourself short when second-best has never been your style.  


Libra, look at you go! Those New Year’s resolutions are being ticked off at lightning speed. You’re emanating positive vibes right now, and they’re contagious. Just don’t get complacent, keep hustling.


Scorpio, how does a getaway sound? A week, a weekend, or perhaps even a night away from the hustle and bustle of Big City Life could give you the fresh perspective you’ve been so wistfully longing for. Roaaaaad trip.


You’re lacking inspiration, Sags. Settling back into the groove of work this year has left you feeling a little uninspired. You’ve maxed out on your coffee intake by 10am each day for the past fortnight. It’s time to chase a new perspective.


Tidy space, tidy mind. It’s a mantra you’ll need to adopt if there’s any hope of making it through that colossal to-do list you have mounting. Inhale. Exhale. Ensure your surroundings are in top shape before embarking on your next day of work.


Ctrl + Alt + Del the negative opinions bringing you down. If you keep listening to what everyone else is telling you to do/say/feel, you’re going to lose sight of what really matters to you most. March to your own drum, Aquarius. 


Pisces, you’re all work no play. Get back into the groove of that favourite hobby. Your ‘pause’ turned into fully-fledged retirement from doing what you love. The call to action? Find a new outlet, or rekindle an old passion. 

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Lovers Day | Wednesday February 14th

by Amy Biswas @ Red Spice Road

Celebrate love made even better shared over food (and booze) with our special lovebirds menu this Valentine’s Day. When: Wednesday February 14th, from 5pm What: A lovely banquet menu to give you the warm fuzzies How Much: Earlybirds – $69 (bookings made between 5-6pm with a 2 hour sitting); $89 for all other bookings with […]

The Asian Summer Test Kitchen | December 5th 2017

by Amy Biswas @ Red Spice Road

** This event has sold out** Be transported to a South-East Asian foodie oasis When: Tuesday December 5th at 6:30pm Where: Red Spice Road, 27 McKillop Street, Melbourne CBD What: Nine unique dishes never before seen on the Red Spice Road menu How Much: $120 per person including matching wines Bookings: Tickets have sold out for this event […]

Why Have Skateboards Cost $50 for 30 Years?

Why Have Skateboards Cost $50 for 30 Years?

by Hanson O'Haver @ VICE

Somehow, give or take a few bucks, skateboard decks have stayed the same price over the past three decades.

Hanoi Mee Kitchen & Bar

Hanoi Mee Kitchen & Bar

Hanoi Mee Kitchen & Bar

Hanoi Mee,traditional & fusion Vietnamese food in Port Melbourne. Come & taste Good Food Guide Chef Hat Ennis's wonderful dishes.

Citibank Dining Program

by Amy Biswas @ Red Spice QV

Are you a Citibank Dining card member? Well, lucky you! When you dine at Red Spice QV and pay with your Citibank card, you receive a bottle of McWilliams wine on us!* Read more about this great offer here. *Terms & Conditions – Your choice of either Hanwood Est. 1913 Vermentino (Riverina, NSW) or Partisan […]

Christmas Greetings from I Love Pho

by Emma Nguyen @ I Love Pho

As one of the popular Vietnamese restaurant in Sydney that serve authentic Vietnamese cuisine, our goal is to bring the best Vietnamese food experiences to our customers. We are committed to proving you with an exceptional Vietnamese food that is fresh, healthy, authentic and GLUTEN FREE. 2016 has been a fantastic year and we look...

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Shanghainese CNY Menu, Shanghai Restaurant, JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur

by summerkid_summergirl @ Malaysian Flavours

Shanghai Restaurant at JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur invites you to dine with classic Shanghai delicacies this Lunar New Year, in their newly revamped dining space.

Cheap Date Mondays

by Amy Biswas @ Red Spice QV

Seriously, who doesn’t like a cheap date? Enjoy 2-4-1 Banquets at Red Spice QV every Monday. This amazing offer is valid for our $79 (Tuk Tuk) & $99 (Sampan) set menus, dinner only. Bring a friend and enjoy the feast! Two for one offer must be requested at time of booking and is not available in conjunction with […]

What’s On This Valentine’s Day In Melbourne

What’s On This Valentine’s Day In Melbourne

by Kate Bartels @ The A List | The Urban List

Valentines Day. The day of love, the day of expensive flowers and the day of desperate, last-minute dinner reservations. As much as some of don’t want to admit it, we ALL love the idea of a romantic dinner, mid-week bubbles and being spoilt like a rock star. 

For those hopeless romantics with no idea where to even begin wooing your Valentine, check out this list of what’s on in Melbourne this Valentines Day.

Vaporetto Venetian Bar

Yeah sure, who doesn't want to be whisked away to Venice for V-day (or any other day for that matter), but the chances of that happening are slim to none—so we’ve got the next best thing. Treat your loved ones to a four-course menu and a sneaky glass of prosecco at Vaporetto. Choose from Italian good stuff like basil pesto risotto. Nom. 

Where: 681 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn For more info, click here.

Mr Miyagi

Our favourite Japanese hang has a menu full of all the favourites we know and love, like a salmon nori taco and MFC (Miyagi fried chicken). If there was ever a guaranteed way to keep your bae happy, it’s heading here for their special V Day set menu. You can book your place, too—because there’s nothing romantic about waiting two hours for a table.  

Where: 99 Chapel Street, Windsor For more info, click here.

GALentine's Day 

Wine! Cheese! Fun! Chapel Street Precinct and The Lonely Hearts Club are dedicating this V-Day to your mates before dates mantra. There'll be guest speakers, a life drawing class, and did we mention the wine? 

Where: Market Gallery, Prahran  For more info, click here.

Pizza E Birra

Two words: FREE PIZZA. The guys at Pizza E Birra know that our eternal one true love is the doughy, slathered in prosciutto kind. The only prerequisite to redeem your share? Be single. Herd all of your friends and get them on the mozarella, pronto. 

Where: 60 Fitzroy St, St Kilda  For more info, click here

Gift Flick 

Stuck for V-Day present ideas? It's not too late! Online gift service Gift Flick is doing some pretty snazzy Valentine's specials that will score you major brownie points. Think 3-month 'gin guzzler' gin subscriptions, matching human & dog outfits (yep, really), or even your very own custom street art in Hosier-lane. How's that for thoughtful. 

Mr Ottorino

Have a slice of Amalfi and be wined and dined by your Italian lover, Mr Ottorino. Live La Dolce Vita with a three-course Valentine's feast as your date pours the vino and majorly third wheels it.

Where: 122 Johnston Street, Fitzroy For more info, click here.

The Queen Victoria Market 

Love is in the air at the Queen Vic Market. Picture sitting at a table with your hot date and poring over one of Melb's most iconic foodie hubs. The live stage will be pumping up the romantic jams while you sip on a complimentary bottle of bubbly. 

Where: Queen St, Melbourne  For more info, click here.

Garden State Hotel

This one sounds kind of cool. From 12 Feb to 14 Feb, Garden State Hotel are collab'ing with Mary Mary Studio to create an in-house florist shop inside the bar. The front windows are going to transform into a flower wonderland, and you'll be able to pick up handmade bouquets for your SO. If you can't make it in person, you can pre-order arrangement online too. Check Mary Mary for all the deets. 

Where: Garden Stat Hotel, CBD When: 12 February - 14 February 

El Tumi 

Singles and couples are all welcome at El Tumi this Valentine's Day. In fact they're running two distinct events—one for those who want to impress Bae, and one for people who just want some damn good Peruvian food. Oh yeah, and they've got a live Salsa band. Job done, guys.

Where: El Tumi, 59 Church St Richmond When:Wednesday Feb 14 from 6pm (check event pages for all the deets).  For more info, click here or here

Luna Love at Luna Park

Nothing’s more romantic than a ferris wheel right at sunset, right? Luna Park is offering unlimited rides for Valentine's Day this year, plus fairy floss (to eat extra seductively).

Where: 18 Lower Esplanade, St Kilda For more info, click here.

Manflower Co.

Manflower's motto is pretty simple: give beer, make memories. If you don't know what to get that special man in your life, a boutique bouquet of local craft beer should do the trick. Check out the new range online. There's still time to book!

For more info, click here

St Ali

They say that couples who taste coffee together, stay together. St Ali’s ‘learn to taste coffee’ course is the perfect way to woo the coffee lover in your life. It’s take home, too, so you can do it in your undies.

Where: 12 Yarra Place, South Melbourne For more info, click here.


Fancy spending Valentine's in a rock n' roll 1970s Japanese izakaya bar? Hell yeah you do. DenDeke in Preston is rocking a 5-course set menu, and $20 will get you matching sakes to boot. Save room for dessert too—they're serving up a Yuzu granita.

Where: 51 Plenty Rd Preston For more info, click here


If you’re lucky enough to score a day off, treat yourself and your loved one to a boozy brunch at Lona, which will be sure to leave you feeling all bubbly and gushy on the inside and out. Think poached eggs, crispy pork belly, smashed avo and quince chutney paired perfectly with a Bloody Mary or some Frozé.

Where: 64 Acland Street, St Kilda For more info, click here.


Everyone's favourite floating, pop-up giant fish bar is celebrating Valentine's Day in style this year. There are DJs spinning love tunes throughout the night, plus a range of food specials, designed for two. Think antipasto and wine sets, or a plate or artisan cheeses.

Where: Supafish, Southbank Promenade, For more info, click here. 

Holey Moley

Melbourne's mini-golf maestros are teaming up with Bumble this V Day to offer a buy-one-get-one-free deal. All you have to do is flash your Bumble profile on arrival. There's also gonna be a few custom cocktails on the night, including the gin, honey and ginger-infused ‘Bumble Bee Sting’. Noice.

Where: Holey Moley, 590 Little Bourke St For more info, click here

Rochford Wines

Nothing says “Love ya darl” quite like a bottle of wine from one of our best winemakers. Step it up a notch and head out to the Rochford winery for dinner. The set menu has been designed for the occasion, and you can look out over the vineyards while you sip your vino.

Where: Rochford Wines, Yarra Valley For more info, click here.

Valentines Day On The Mornington Peninsula

Grab your special someone and head down to the Mornington Peninsula for a private soar over the ocean on the Arthurs Seat Eagle. There’s something truly special about dangling from a cable high over the peninsula. There’s also a live band and a glass of sparkling up for grabs.

Where: Arthurs Seat, Mornington Peninsula For more info, click here.


If jetting off to Paris is more your style, the four-course Valentine's menu at Entrecote is the key to your best V Day ever. Paris is the city of love, after all. There are tables overlooking the botanical gardens and a glass of fancy wine on arrival. 

Where: 131 Domain Road, South Yarra For more info, click here.

Lizard Island Tropical Paradise

If you're really in the dog house and looking for a way to redeem yourself, sending you and your bae to the Great Barrier Reef to the uber-exclusive Lizzard Island resort sounds like a good place to start. They are offering up a whopping 500 bucks to spend at the hotel on things like spa treatments and dives.  

Where: Lizard Island Resort, Great Barrier Reef For more info, click here.

Joseph Vargetto's Valentine's Dinners

Much loved Melbourne Chef, Joseph Vargetto, is throwing TWO epic Valentine's dinners this year. One at Mister Bianco and one at Massi. Beautiful set menus, bubbly on arrival and even a chance to WIN a trip for two to New York. Check out the websites for all the deets.

Where: Mister Bianco and Massi For more info, click here or here


We know what you’re thinking, “alone on v-day?” but trust us on this one. If you’re a sucker for a mind-blowing experience that will knock your socks off and freak you the f**k out, you’re going to want to check this out. It’s a cool date idea for those who are sick and tired of expensive dinners. Read all about it here.

Where: Secret Location. For more info, click here.

Flos Botanical Studio & Workshop

You know the old saying ‘It’s the thought that counts’? Well being handed a handmade nugget bouquet is the number one way to win the heart if your valentine, this comes pretty close. Not only does Flos Botanical Studio have some of the best darn flowers, they are offering workshops to teach you how to put together a beautiful bunch.  

Where: 250 Johnston Street, Abbotsford For more info, click here.


Our favourite South Melbourne gastropub is putting on a pretty speccy Valentine's Day feast. $65 gets you a three-course set menu plus a glass of Chandon on arrival. Head chef Tom Brockbank is pulling out all the stops—think dry aged rump cap, lobster ravioli and a decadent chocolate torte. This is why they call them love handles. 

Where: O'Connell's, 407 Coventry St, South Melbourne For more info, click here. 

Daily Blooms

If you’re strapped for time, Daily blooms also have some of the most #instaworthy flowers we've ever seen. If you’re looking for a simple way to knock your valentines socks off, get some of these bad boys delivered.

Where: Delivery all over Melbourne For more info, click here.

Village People

This hawker-style food hall wants to celebrate lurrrve with you this Valentine's Day with some good old-fashioned  South East Asian food. Sounds good to us.

Where: 127 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy For more info, click here.

Upside Rooftop Bar

You didn’t need an excuse for Wednesday cocktails, but since it’s a special day and all, now you have one. The team at Upside have put together a yummy list of V Day cocktails, especially for the occasion.

Where: 127 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy For more info, click here.

Eau De Vie

For those of you in the mood to splash your cash, Eau De Vie is the one for you. On offer is a three-course dinner complete with a specially designed cocktail and a glass of bubbles. You’ll be treated to options like a chocolate fondant vanilla mascarpone with white chocolate. Worth it.

Where: 1 Malthouse Lane, CBD For more info, click here.

Balgownie Estate

Prepare your sick call voice, because you’re gonna need it. Grab your valentine and head to the Yarra Valley’s Balgownie Estate where you’ll be treated to a pretty sweet accommodation and spa deal...with a romantic dinner thrown in.

Where: Yarra Glen, Victoria For more info, click here.

Oriental Teahouse Dumplings For Dating

This one is pretty cool, and a great option for people who have just started getting to know each other.  Oriental's custom 4-stage board game is riddled with questions designed to spice up date night. From icebreakers like 'What is your favourite dessert?' to serious ones like 'How many kids do you want?'. If things get awkward, there’s always the option of stuffing your mouth full of dumplings to break the tension.

Where: 455 Chapel Street, South Yarra For more info, click here.

If you're looking for a more low-key date idea (literally), check out Northcote's new brew bar, Low Key

Image Credit: Mr Miyagi

Siem Reap Hospitality Training Restaurants – Meals that Make a Difference

by Lara Dunston @ Grantourismo Travels

These Siem Reap hospitality training restaurants serve up some of the most tantalising meals in the city – and they’re meals that make a difference. The money you spend contributes to training young Cambodians, helping to lift locals out of poverty. Located in Cambodia’s northern...

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The Best Yangon Hotels – from Grand Colonial Gems to Boutique Loft Hotels

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The best Yangon hotels range from grand colonial-era gems such as The Strand, which has had a recent renovation, and Belmond Governor’s Residence, in a 1920s teak mansion, to a boutique hotel with loft-style duplex suites and a Thai-style luxury hotel with a palm-fringed pool....

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Driving from Perth to Margaret River – Where to Stop Along the Way

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Driving from Perth to Margaret River in Southwest Western Australia is an easy drive of around three and a half hours, which is nothing in a state where road trips can take weeks. What also makes it satisfying are the stops on the way for...

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by admin @ Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant » Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant

Coca Cola, Fanta, Lemonade & Lemon Squash (Can) - $3.00
Orange, Apple, Tropical Juice - $4.00
Bottle Drink 1.25L - $5.00

The post Beverages appeared first on Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant.

Best Chinese and Banh MI Restaurants West End, Brisbane

Best Chinese and Banh MI Restaurants West End, Brisbane

Trang Vietnamese Restaurant - West End

Looking for traditional Vietnamese, gourmet restaurants, Vietnamese food, Chinese takeaway in Coorparoo, North Lakes, Brisbane? Visit us at

Chef chats: Geoff Lindsay on cooking Vietnamese

Chef chats: Geoff Lindsay on cooking Vietnamese


From Stephanie Alexander’s kitchen to cheffing stints in Hong Kong, Geoff Lindsay brings his fine dining background and global palate to Vietnamese restaurant Dandelion.

Phuc Deli-Viet has some new neighbours

by pd_admin @

Pig ‘N’ Whistle Indooroopilly has a fantastic write-up in Westside News this week, talking about the renovations the venue is currently undergoing. After 15 great years of exceptional service, the time has come for this iconic venue to have a facelift, with new colour schemes, branding an additional seafood and champagne bar and updated food and …

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I Love Pho - Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant - Crows Nest

I Love Pho - Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant - Crows Nest

I Love Pho

It’s our pleasure at I Love Pho to bring you honest and authentic Vietnamese cuisines. Our inspiration is to serve authentic dishes that are healthy and tasty to the palette.

Where to find Melbourne's best Vietnamese food -

Where to find Melbourne's best Vietnamese food -

Where to find Melbourne's best Vietnamese food.

The Feed | All The News You Missed This Week

The Feed | All The News You Missed This Week

by Marina Nazario @ The A List | The Urban List

This week flew by faster than Ricky Bobby in a racecar. And we’re okay with that, because that means it’s the weekendddd. Time to crack open a beer.

In case you’ve been a good employee and haven’t been distracted by the deep, dark depths of the Interwebs, we made a list of everything you missed this week. Hey, we get it. If you ain’t first, you’re last.

ICYMI the Altman brothers, aka stars of the TV show Million Dollar Listing, are coming to Australia. So California Burgers created a limited edition, all-American burger just for them (where’s our burger?!). Let’s give ‘em a big Aussie welcome.  

Laneway is keeping the party rolling with Sommersby cider by giving us Musical Shares. Get amongst it.

Sound the alarm! Frank’s Cafe just dropped a Golden Gaytime pannacotta. Beat you there!

CBD's premier fine dining hot spot, Ôter is hosting legendary chef Sebastian Myers, fresh from his residency at Paris’ Fulgrance l’Adresse, for two days. Be there or be square.

Yoooo! Asahi Premium Beverages just launched Nikka Whisky’s Coffey Range in Australia. You’re gonna wannna to try this. Pro tip: take the Nikka Coffey Grain and pour it over vanilla ice cream. Officially NUTS. 

Write this in your diary with big bold letters: There’s an ice cream festival coming to the Yara Valley next week.

We got to check out a new Aussie gin bar, and you need to try the Sheila Margarita before summer ends.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL: There’s a pop-up carnival coming to Melbourne this weekend!

We turned into mad scientists to figure out how to make the best damn goon punch in Australia.

After looking into the magic, crystal ball, we predict that this will be your new, Saturday morning breakfast spot.

A pup-friendly outdoor cinema is coming to Melbourne so you don’t have to experience separation anxiety from your dog. 'Bout time.

The next best thing to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory just opened in Cremorne and we just gained 5 kilos.

Dust off the dancing shoes. A mussel and jazz festival is coming to South Melbourne Market

Pssttt. There’s a top-secret Rose rooftop party happening this month #TrendyAs

Eat your weight in weiners at Wurstfest this weekend for no reason at all.  

Looking for something to do? Here're 20 things happening in Melbs this weekend

Image credit: California Burger

Australian Open Festival

by Site Manager @ Boutique Apartment Hotel Melbourne

All the action isn’t just on the courts at Rod Laver Arena, it’ll be throughout the city with live telecast sites including Federation Square and Birrarung […]

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Kylie Jenner Finally Confirmed She Was Pregnant & We Have A Lot Of Feelings

Kylie Jenner Finally Confirmed She Was Pregnant & We Have A Lot Of Feelings

by Ange Law @ The A List | The Urban List

After months of every single person in the entire world speculating that Kylie Jenner was pregnant, we finally have answers. And thank God for that—seriously, we’re tired. It started with an Instagram post (that’s already had a cool 6.2 million liked by the way) where she basically apologised for keeping us in the dark and fiiiiiine we’ll forgive her.



A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Feb 4, 2018 at 12:27pm PST

Now there’s a video documenting her entire pregnancy and we have a lot of feelings. The video starts with Kris giving birth to Kylie and I don’t care what this says about me, but I had chills. It’s also a little chilly in Sydney this morning but really, we know it was the DRAHMA. 

The story of her pregnancy is then told by her two best friends. Cue cute footage of Travis (AKA baby daddy) showing his mate an ultrasound image and all of us wondering how the hell they kept it all so quiet. We’ll admit, it’s all a lot cuter than we thought it’d be. 

Seriously, Kardashian home videos get us every freaking time. 

Image credit: YouTube account | Kylie Jenner

Tasty Chinese New Year Specials

by Amy Biswas @ Red Spice Road

We’re celebrating the Year of the Dog with some traditional Chinese New Year dishes delivered with that Red Spice flair! Longevity noodles: egg noodles wok tossed with lap cheong, oyster mushrooms, shiitake, green onion – $27 Tea smoked duck with tamarind, plum sauce – $40 Slow cooked beef rib in Chu Hou sauce, shiitake, ginger […]

Customer Reviews | Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant

Customer Reviews | Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant

Loi Loi Chinese Vietnamese Restaurant

Customer Reviews

Red Spice Road @ the Good Food and Wine Show

by Amber @ Red Spice QV

This year we joined the Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show for the first time. Citi Australia presented a new dining precinct called EAT and that is exactly what we wanted people to do. Burma Lane and Red Spice Road joined forces to stand as one stall out of three in the precinct. Having never […]

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